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The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award

The Eisner Award is a comics prize awarded each year the Comic-Con International, which is held in San Diego, California, U.S.A.

Comicon website:

2001 Eisner Award nominee comics

The 2001 Eisner Award nominess cover comics published in 2000. To buy a comic book, follow each link, which will take to you to that comic's page. Comics without links are currently unavailable from Mars Import.

Best Short Story
  • "The Fisherman and the Sea Princess," by David Mazzucchelli, in Little Lit (HarperCollins)
  • "The Gorilla Suit," by Sergio Aragonés, in Streetwise (TwoMorrows) - Recipient
  • "Monsieur Jean," by Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian, in Drawn & Quarterly, vol. 3 (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • "A Prayer to the Sun," by Edvin Biukovic and Darko Macan, in Weird War Tales Special (Vertigo/DC)
  • "Prince Rooster," by art spiegelman, in Little Lit (HarperCollins)
Best Single Issue
  • Finder #19: "Talisman," by Carla Speed McNeil (Lightspeed Press)
  • Hey Mister: The Trouble with Jesus, by Pete Sickman-Garner (Top Shelf)
  • Lucifer #4: "Born with the Dead," by Mike Carey, Warren Pleece, and Dean Ormston (Vertigo/DC)
  • Paul in the Country, by Michel Rabagliati (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Promethea #10: "Sex, Stars, and Serpents," by Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III, and Mick Gray (ABC) - Recipient
  • Sock Monkey vol. 3 #2, by Tony Millionaire (Dark Horse Maverick)

Best Serialized Story

Best Continuing Series

  • Age of Bronze, by Eric Shanower (Image)
  • Berlin, by Jason Lutes (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Eagle, by Kaiji Kawaguchi (Viz)
  • Promethea, by Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III, and Mick Gray (ABC)
  • Top 10, by Alan Moore, Gene Ha, and Zander Cannon (ABC) - Recipient

Best Limited Series

Best New Series

  • Eagle, by Kaiji Kawaguchi (Viz)
  • Lucifer, by Mike Carey and others (Vertigo/DC)
  • Powers, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming (Image) - Recipient
  • The Red Star, by Christian Gossett and Team Red Star (Image)

Best Title for a Younger Audience

Best Humor Publication

Best Anthology

  • Drawn & Quarterly, vol. 3, edited by Chris Oliveros (Drawn & Quarterly) - Recipient
  • Expo 2000, edited by Tom Devlin and others (The Expo)
  • Little Lit, edited by art spiegelman and Francoise Mouly (HarperCollins)
  • Strapazin: Bubbles ‘n’ Boxes and Beyond, edited by Patrizia Crivelli and others (Swiss Institute of New York/Swiss Federal Office of Culture)
  • Streetwise, edited by Jon B. Cooke and John Morrow (TwoMorrows)

Best Graphic Album—New

Best Graphic Album—Reprint

Best Archival Collection/Project

Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material

Best Writer

  • Brian Michael Bendis, Powers (Image), Fortune and Glory (Oni), Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel)
  • Mike Carey, Lucifer (Vertigo/DC)
  • Garth Ennis, Preacher (Vertigo/DC)
  • Mark Millar, The Authority (Wildstorm/DC), Ultimate X-Men (Marvel)
  • Alan Moore, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Promethea, Tom Strong, Top Ten, Tomorrow Stories (ABC) - Recipient

Best Writer/Artist

Best Writer/Artist—Humor

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team

Best Painter /Multimedia Artist (interior art)

Best Coloring

  • Jeromy Cox, Promethea (ABC)
  • Lovern Kindzierski, Ring of the Nibelung (Dark Horse Maverick)
  • Patricia Mulvihill, 100 Bullets (Vertigo/DC), Nightwing (DC)
  • Lynn Varley, Sin City: Hell and Back (Dark Horse Maverick)
  • Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library #14 (Fantagraphics) - Recipient

Best Lettering

  • Todd Klein, Promethea, Tom Strong, Tomorrow Stories, Top Ten, (ABC); The Invisibles, The Dreaming (Vertigo/DC); Castle Waiting (Cartoon Books) - Recipient
  • Galen Showman, Ring of the Nibelung (Dark Horse Maverick)
  • Dave Sim, Cerebus (Aardvark-Vanaheim)
  • Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics)

Best Cover Artist

  • Brian Bolland, Batman: Gotham Knights, The Flash (DC); The Invisibles (Vertigo/DC) - Recipient
  • Duncan Fegredo, Lucifer (Vertigo/DC)
  • Phil Hale, Swamp Thing, Vertigo Secret Files, Flinch #11 (Vertigo/DC)
  • Dave Johnson, Detective Comics (DC), 100 Bullets (Vertigo/DC)
  • Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics), Jimmy Corrigan (Pantheon), Drawn & Quarterly vol. 3 (Drawn & Quarterly)

Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition

Best Comics-Related Book

  • Comic Book Artist Collection, vol. 1, edited by Jon B. Cooke (TwoMorrows)
  • Comic Book Culture: An Illustrated History, by Ron Goulart (Collectors Press)
  • 50 Years of Happiness: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz, by Derrick Bang, with Victor Lee (Peanuts Collectors Club)
  • Tales of Terror!/The EC Comics Companion, by Fred von Bernewitz and Grant Geissman (Fantagraphics/Gemstone)
  • Wonder Woman: The Complete History, by Les Daniels (Chronicle Books) - Recipient

Best Publication Design

Hall of Fame
Judges’ Choices (will be automatically inducted):

(voters chose four from the following nominees)

The judging panel chose to drop two categories from this year’s ballot: Best Comics-Related Periodical and Best Comics-Related Product/Item.

This year’s judges were writer/editor Anina Bennett (Heartbreakers), Sequential Tart Features Editor Karon Flage, retailer Ralph Mathieu (Alternate Realities, Las Vegas), Diamond Comics product manager Chris Schaff, and journalist Douglas Wolk (Publishers Weekly).



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