Press Release: Ballistics™ also bound for the Arcades!

TRIOTECH AMUSEMENT announces signing a license agreement with the Swedish based company, GRIN, for an arcade version of BALLISTICS™.

Triotech Amusement, Inc. an innovative high-tech manufacturer for the amusement industry, announced today that it has signed an agreement with GRIN of Sweden, for exclusive North American rights to an arcade version of the upcoming racing game Ballistics™.

"I am pleased to see that GRIN lives up to their claim in creating high end games by taking full advantage of the latest hardware available", said Frederic Lachance, President, Triotech Amusement.
"By combining Ballistics™ with the best arcade platform available, the CyberPod will offer a unique environment for GRINís racing game of the future."

The CyberPod Multiplayer Arcade Platform is the latest trend in immersive gaming. The "Pod" is an enclosed cockpit that features 600-watts of stunning sound, voice communication, and superior graphics. Triotech offers the CyberPod platform to small arcades as well as prestigious locations including, Hotel/Casinos in Las Vegas, Amusement Parks, and Carnival Cruise lines.

"We are really looking forward to the Arcade version of the fastest game on earth, the strong graphical setup and powerful sound system of the CyberPod will really enhance the speed sensation created in Ballistics™" said Bo Andersson, CEO, GRIN.

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