Wrestler of the Year: Cincinnati Red
Match of the Year: Modest vs Morgan double pin - XPW - 30 Nov.
Rookie of the Year: B-Boy
Best High Flyer: Kid Kaos
Most Important Title: XPW [Heavyweight]
Best Show: XPW 11-20-99
Best move: Release Dragon Suplex: Modest
Best Brawler: Cincinnati Red
Best Technical Wrestler: Dynamite D
Most Outstanding Wrestler (Based on Workrate): Kid Kaos
Tag Team of the Year: Ballard Brothers
Interview Skills of Year: Damian Steele
Most Imrpoved Wrestler: Ryan McBain


Wrestler of the Year: Christopher Daniels
Match of the Year:
Kurt Angle over Christopher Daniels - UPW - 13 Sep.
Rookie of the Year: Samoa Joe
Tag Team of the Year: Ballard Brothers
Promotion of the Year: UPW
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