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Headlight Relay setup

This is an write up on how to build a twin relay setup to increase the voltage at the headlights. Not only will it increase the light output of your stock lights, but if your are running High output H4 lights it will save you many headaches with blown fuses and melted OEM switches.

Winch information

A full service article on  specifications for 8k to 12k winches from Warn, Ramsey, Milemarker, Superwinch and a new company called SabreForce which has added a new twist to the hydraulic style winch

WARN HS9500I Solenoid pack wiring diagram

Simple page showing the diagram of wiring for a HS9500I Warn winch. Print it out and put it the vehicle for a quick reminder on replacing ha burnt solenoid in the field, or use to wire up your in cab winch controller.

Winch wire rope chart

Small chart showing relative strengths of wire rope used as standard equipment on most electric winches

Ford TTB Dana 44 Axle shaft spec page

This page lists the axle shaft dimensions for shafts used in the Ford TTB Dana 44 housing. As available in the Bronco from 1980 to 1996.

Replacement Track Bar bolt.

Repair that worn bolt and elongated hole in the Dana 44 axle. Restore a solid feel to your steering.

Pressurized Gear lube Tank

Tired of using those cheap plastic pumps from the parts store? Then check this out.

78 Bronco AC compressor to Air compressor conversion

Conversion and install of a York AC pump for Air compressor duty in my Bronco.

York compressor ID

Two simple pages that will help you ID which model York you have, or are looking for.

78 Bronco Heavy-duty bumper and spare tire carrier  

This is the first version of the rear bumper and tire carrier I built for the Bronco. It has sense been modified a few times, most notable is the old wheel mount was removed, and a spindle, hub, lock out installed on a new mount. This allows me to both carry the spare tire, and stores the spare spindle, hub, lock out in a convent place, with out redundant weight of the old mount. I'm in the process of building a new bumper and carrier, when done I'll get a new write up done with pics.

78 Bronco under hood Hi Lift Mount

Storage space is limited, even in a Big Bronco.  I found the space under the hood to be a good place to store the Hi Lift jack for every day use,,, It is a little inconvenient on the trail when it's needed, and for that reason I'm going to build a new mount for trail use only, possible on the new bumper I'm working on.. I'll continue to store the Hi lift under the hood daily, as it's out of the way, yet always available.



 AC compressor to Air compressor conversion This is a tech article from another point of view on the use of the York style of AC compressor . Nice page, gives some tips that my write up missed.

 AC compressor to Air compressor conversion Yet another AC conversion page.

Big Bronco tail gate swapping Check out Michael Masse's great Bronco page.

Solid Axle (78-79) Dana 44 Rebuild

72-79 Ford Dana 60 Rear disk conversion

CO2 Tire inflation system    This is the Home built version

CO2 Tire inflation system    This is the manufactures version