Lypsinka: As I Lay Lip-Synching
Minetta Lane Theatre
118 Minetta Lane, New York City

Ticket Info (212) 420-8000

If you don’t know about her, here’s a primer: Much, much more than a lip-synching drag queen, Lypsinka (née John Epperson) is a world-renowned performance artist. Usually dressed in 1950s high-glam, she never speaks; she only mouths the words of films and songs, usually words spoken or sung by the likes of Joan Crawford and Judy Garland. What makes her especially different is the careful (if seemingly haphazard) way in which the film lines and musical phrases are cut, pasted, and strung together. The effect is a lesson in postmodernism. It’s also bizarre and hilarious. Lypsinka is the living embodiment of irony. Lypsinka! As I Lay Lip-Synching is the latest in her string of play-length collages of songs and quips. It has no plot and no point, at least none that I could decipher. It is heavily infused with campy screams from Valley of the Dolls and Mommie Dearest, but gleaning a theme from those moments was impossible, at least for me. Still, the show is very funny. Lypsinka’s most famous bit involves her answering the phone and mouthing lines from various films. The irrational juxtaposition of tones and sentiments is wonderfully nonsensical. After a few minutes, you can’t stop laughing and you have no idea why.  Ted Gideonse
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