Who We Are
American Motors Corporation is the 21st Century American automotive company focused on leading in the new market for Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles, and on winning back the American automobile market.
History & Heritage
American Motors Corporation is a new company. It was incorporated in 1999, at the dawning of the new Millennium, in the State of California.

We are not the first company to have the American Motors name. The first American Motors Corporation was created by the merger of Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954. Known as “The last Independent”, the company made some of America’s most interesting and unique cars during it’s approximately 33 years of operation. Operations ended, and the American Motors name was abandoned shortly after the 1987 buyout of the company.

The new American Motors Corporation is not affiliated with the previous company of the same name, nor its related companies or successors. We are however, proud to take up the challenge as the “New Independent”. We will strive to live up to the spirit of independence and innovation that caused American Motors’ cars to be loved by so many. We intend to prove once again that:
“The American Spirit Never Dies”
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