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[ MP2100 ] The MP2100 (actually an upgraded MP2000) has a 32MB memory card which holds all of the applications I use with space to spare.The case of this Newton looks as though it has been through a lot, but it works. I also have an MP2100 (the real thing) that I keep as a backup to my main Newton.
The eMate has a 6MB memory card and is primarily a writing machine. The long battery life and rugged case make it ideal for use in less than ideal conditions. It is also great for those days when there is a report you have to write but you would really rather be out in the woods. [ eMate ]
[ MessagePad 130 ] The other Newtons I have are the MP130
and an MP100. Both with all the original packaging and manuals. [ MP100 ]

[ Tree Newt ]

Battery Pack Refurbishing

One of the major problems facing the Newton community is the lack of replacement battery packs. Once a rechargable pack dies, you cannot get a new one. Refurbishing with new cells is the only option.

Frank Gruendel has done excellent work on refurbishing the MP2100 and eMate cells. You can view the instructions at PDA-Soft.

The Calise Project

The Calise Project. How to modify a Calise case for earlier Newtons for the MP2x00 series.

Southern Ontario Newton User Group

Pictures from the first SONUG meeting in Toronto.

Pictures from the second SONUG meeting in Toronto.

Pictures from the fourth SONUG meeting in Toronto.

Pictures from the sixth SONUG meeting (Elephant and Castle) in Toronto.

Pictures from the seventh SONUG meeting at Ao's house in Toronto.

Pictures from Nov. 11, 2003 SONUG at Ao's.

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