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Posted - 07/04   New Title (But Back In School)
School again, so let's us remind what I have done these short vacations. I finished some game stuff, and wrote tutorials, and worked a lot in the site.
So, what I plan to do next... nothing! My schedule will be really tight so I'll probably won't have time to work a lot. Sadly, school does come first.

Posted - 06/04   Merry Joyful Vacations
Ain't it great being on vacation. I just stare at the wall, and drink some coffee, and... stare at the wall. Anyhow I stopped Silent Blue for a while but continued OP. I've already made a Frogger Mini-Game!
I was also out for quite a while because my computer was getting fixed. I've added most of the sections to the web, except for the Resources. And finally I restarted the Moogle Game Awards because not too many people voted.

Posted - 05/04   Moogle Game Awards
So what exactly are the Moogle Game Awards? They are fantastic awards I'm giving to the best games of all times. I'll give an award for each console, and then I'll vote award the Best Game Of All Times.
And I updated the Game Section.

Posted - 05/04   Stucked Beginning
So I found myself once again complaining about having too much stuff going at school, and that indeed means I won't have time to finish the site. But I posted a new game! Click to download.

Posted - 04/04   Dream Hearts
Yah, it's my new Flash Project - it may be found in the School Work Section -. Anyhow, it finished being way too cool! What's it about? Find it out yourself...
Click to view.

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