This site is devoted to providing information about the European Copyright Directive and similar legislation. This site concentrates on the two principal problems of the EUCD from a computer user's perspective: the ``Takedown'' Clause, which makes it easier for copyright holders to censor webpages on ISPs, and the Anti-Circumvention Clauses, which give legal protection to copy-protection measures, and in the process compromise public policy goals in copyright itself, human rights, competition policy and hinder academic research.

NTK readers: Sorry, I wasn't expecting your attention today; please call back later this weekend and I'll have uploaded more of the documents. If you are looking for the Campaign for Digital Rights' EUCD mini-conference, you want to go here.

The intent initially is to provide documents on the topics enumerated below. Draft versions of the documents will be posted here as they become available, so that the information may be used as soon as it is in an intelligible albeit messy form. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Martin Keegan

News: Technological Protection Measures paper to be released in draft form this weekend. It has been asserted that the UK may not have to implement the whole of the EUCD, and thus there is still "everything to play for as we go into the second round".

EUCD A8(3): "take-down" provisions Working Draft Released version
EUCD A6: anti-circumvention Very rough draft & notes No Released version available
EUCD as bad law Outline of topics No Released version available
EUCD: legal validity Extract from draft No Released version available

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