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February 13
February is Black History Month (Image credit:Flip Schulke/Corbis)

Did You Know?
Regent diamond (Image credit: Robert Harding Picture Library/Reunion des Musees Nationaux)
The largest diamond ever found weighed 1.37 pounds (3,106 carats) before cutting. Learn more about diamonds.

This Week: African American History
African American firsts
15 historical milestones

Civil rights history quiz
How much do you know?

Scientific breakthroughs
10 great African American inventors

eLearning: Online Degrees
Bachelor's degrees
Business and MBAs
Web and graphic design
Compare online programs


Today's Highlights
Great love quotes: Express yourself on Valentine's Day
Quiz: Bridges, tunnels, and more
Education of a chef
Who has nuclear weapons?

Build a Better Brain
Build a better brain (Image courtesy ClassesUSA)
Test your brain with fun quizzes and learn some easy ways to make yourself even smarter. Get started!

College: Summer Internships
How to land an internship
Internship advice
Intern for free?

Mystery Picture
Guess the mystery image
What is this?
Find out.

Career Training: A New You?
Culinary arts
Other career programs

Homework: Tools for Students
Homework toolkit
Online math help
Paper-writing guides

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Corded cotton pants
Corded cotton pants



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