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The Game - Story
Silent Blue's story. Basically the giant scramble the game is about. Talks about war and places and other stuff that's actually necessary to play the game.

Silent Blue

As many other games done before Silent Blue starts off in Middle Earth; but even though this game ain't like most. The game doesn't really carry a storyline, it evolves with time.
Silent Blue does carry chapers. Each chapter carries a main objective and you will try to achieve that objective even when you aren't able to do it. Henceforth it won't matter wether you lose or win in a major battle or come not to an important meeting. In the end the chapter will end the same, perhaps with some minor changes.

Early into the storyline you will find out about the races that conform Middle Earth - Bahlkans, Algeans, Gallisians and Humans.
Bahlkans conform the race most similar to the Human; after all Humans and Bahlkans used to be only one. Bahlkans have a great military power and have forever lived in war. Their empire extends over the wide plains of Cyria.
Algeans are the most peaceful of creatures. These beast-like creatures reign over the dry forests of Faris. They have come to great achievements known as Myst Technology, and have been the first known creatures to develop myst-powered engines. But far above their great intelect Algeans have proven to live peacefully within nature.
Gallisians, the wisest of beings. Sages among other commoners, or so they have told us. Gallisians remain as the true succesors of sortilege. Legends talk about villes and fortress in their holy empire. The pure synthesis of science and magic. But legend still across the ruins of Mina...
Humans have longed as the most common creature. Not the wisest, not the strongest; but they forfeit a valerous future. Humans were opressed by Bahlkans for aeons but have now rebel. Yet already having their freedom granted rumors of war still spread the air...

The Game - Systems
Yes, the systems will tak me a long time to build, but for now you might want to now like the features and other stuff necessary.

Silent Blue

Storyline Selection
Before beginning the game various options will be given to you - Race, Job, Skill. These will only variate for the main character, Seth.
Race will let you choose from either four races. Each race does have some advantages and disadvantages, but you aren't to choose the Galiisian race.
Job will let you choose a particular job from where you can benefit and earn money. Say if you were a blacksmith you would be able to forge your own weapons, where by being a craftsman you'd be able to build items.
Skill relates to the Battle Selection known as Command. You'd become a Templar, a Bishop or a Warrior. When winning battles you'd normally earn Special Points which'd be destined to one of these. You'd be learning commands of all types, but the one you choose would have a priority.

Battle System
The battle system is pretty much like Chrono Trigger's. The battle occurs in the same map in which you're standing and you have to wait until the battle gauges fill to attack. These gauges fill up continuosly or at the same time. A maximun of three players are aloud per battle and if characters have learnt Dual and Party Tehcniques they may perform them when the characters need are ready.
The Battle Menu includes five actions - Attack, Technique, Command, Item & Run. The Attack Action performs physical damage with the equiped weapon. The Technique Action performs a special action, physical or magical, which could either aid the party or hurt the enemy. The Command Action works like the Technique Action but command types vary as Templar, Bishop or Warrior. The Item Action lets you use an item and it doesn't consume a turn and the Run action will let you escape from battle.
Enemies will have to wait for their turn to attack and will sometimes perform a combo. Special ocations may require special actions to eliminate an enemy.

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