Cluster bombs are metal canisters containing up to two-hundred-forty small "bomblets."  The bomblets are packed with high explosives and shrapnel.  Dropped from aircraft, they cover a wide area with deadly metal fragments, some of which are powerful enough to pierce armor plate.  The deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein used cluster bombs with terrible effect.

A major supplier of these deadly munitions is an international fugitive.  Carlos Remigio Cardoen sold over one-hundred-fifty million dollars worth of cluster bombs to the Saddam Hussein regime during the 1980's.  The bombs were manufactured in Chile with zirconium that was obtained illegally in the U. S.  A U. S. arrest warrant issued on May 27, 1993, charges Cardoen with illegally exporting zirconium and U. S. -made parts and molds for bomb fuses through his U. S. based company. 

Carlos Remigio Cardoen is a white male, born in Santa Cruz, Chile, on May 1, 1942. He is 180 centimeters in height, weighs 77 kilograms, and has brown-grey hair and brown eyes.  He wears reading glasses and business attire. He speaks English and Spanish.

Cardoen is a Chilean citizen living in Chile.  In recent years, he is believed to have visited Cuba, Mexico, Russia, Britain, Spain, Greece, and Belgium.  He travels on a Chilean passport.

The U. S. is seeking Cardoen's extradition to the United States.  If you have information concerning Cardoen, you should contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.  The U. S. will pay a reward for information that leads to Cardoen's arrest.  The U.S. guarantees that all reports will be investigated and all information will be kept confidential.