Installing Recaros
Updated 04/28/01
Added SRS Passenger Sensor Module and Circuit

The latest addition to Katerina is new racing shells.  Much better support, Sabelt 6-point harnesses and about 100 lbs lighter.

Here the seats are removed and the drilling for mounting the anti-submarine straps is getting done.  Mounts are test fit for drilling to attach the Recaro brackets. This is the back of one of the Recaro Pole Positions.  The stock power electric sport seats with power lumbar and heating elements weighed 67 pounds.  Together the Recaros cut a touch over 100 lbs off the car.
The new TRW Sabelt 6 point harness lapbelt mounts to the same bolt as the retracting seatbelt mechanism on the outboard side.  Minor trimming of the B-pillar cover needs to be done to remove the factory bolt and put the eye bolt in to hold the stock mechanism and the new Sabelt piece. The drivers side will get sliders too but this gives an idea of the mounts used.  The slider goes on top of this solid mount and adds 1 inch in height.  Note the tab to mount the new inner lap belt and the factory receiver and tensioner.
Somehow the biggest guy in the shop got the job of wrestling everything together at ProParts in Canoga Park, CA. Here's the right side in.
Both seats installed Harnesses wrapped to rollbar
The stock seats incorporate a resistive mat that lets the SRS computer know if there is a passenger. Then the airbag will inflate or not on the passenger side in the event of an accident.  Either move the sensor control module from your stock seats to the racing shell or buy one.  It is snap fitted to the bottom of the stock passenger seat. I didn't really see the point in installing the actual mat under the removable cushions of the Recaro.  It may have worked but I would have had to drill a hole in the seat shell for the connector to reach under the seat and the mat isn't that rugged anyway.  So, I made a circuit that fools the electronics.  It's really very simple.  See the closeup in the next picture and the schematic.  The hard part was getting a defective sensor mat so I could cut off the connector.
A small perf board, 2 ea. 100 ohm resistors and a 1N4001 diode will do the trick.  All available from Radio Shack for a couple of bucks. Connect this circuit to the sensor box following the color code for the sensor box wires (blue & white).  Transfer and connect your seatbelt receivers/tensioners and your SRS lamp will stay out and everything will be fine.

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