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25 August 2003

Well, I finally got around to updateing this site.According to the counter itís been looked at 180 times!Whoop-dee-doo!

Anyway, In case you havenít guessed Frank Schmertz has been cancelled for a number of resons.Such as: I didnít have any time, hardly anybody was going to play it, and the people who were going to play it were going to play it would gripe that the aliens didnít shoot predator frisbees out of their mouth or some stupid shit. Some time soon Iíll post the last screen shots of it though Ė I had some really cool movies done.

However, I do have good news too!The sequel to Last Stand is now in full production!I donít have any kind of a timetable as too when it will be done, but I have discovered a really easy way to make geometry for levels using a program called Pro-Engineer. So it should it should move along pretty quickly.I also asked a few other mappers if they wanted to make a level for the add-on.

I said on the nolfgirl forum that I would post a couple of screenshots, so they are in the link for amazing sequel to Last Stand-Mindbender!


13 September 2002

CaptainFreedom needs voices for Frank Schmerz characters! Send an email to cptnfreedom@hotmail.com if you're interested. Most of the parts are a couple of sentences, and you will get your name and website in the opening credits!

The page for Frank Schmerz - Chapter 1 is up with a few screenshots, but I didn't show any of the really cool stuff because I don't want to wreck the suprise of it. :)

11 September 2002

I just figured out that you can edit webpages in MSWord!I was writing the HTML stuff in wordpad Ė yukyuk!That should speed things up.All of the NOLF links work now, and Iíll get some shots of my new AvP2 project up soon.

10 September 2002

Grand opening of CaptainFreedom's Bootcamp!! Well, maybe not so grand, but in my defense I don't have any idea what I'm doing in HTML. The purpose of this site is so that I can post screenshots in forums and distribute information concerning add-on maps for video games that I have done. I will continue to improve the site as I figure out what in the sam hill I'm doing.

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