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Richard K. Armey | Senior Policy Advisor | Co-Chair, Homeland Security

1200 Nineteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC, United States  20036-2412
T: (202) 861-6007
F: (202) 689-8564

Washington, D.C.

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M.A., University of North Dakota 1964
Ph.D., University of Oklahoma 1969
B.A., Jamestown College (N.D.) 1963

Congressman Dick Armey joined the firm in January 2003, upon completing 18 years of service to the nation in the U.S. House of Representatives, culminating in eight years as Majority Leader.

He has served as the ranking Republican on the Joint Economic Committee, Chairman of the Republican Conference, and most recently Chairman of the Select Committee on Homeland Security. He is well respected by both Republicans and Democrats and is noted for his ability to build consensus among his colleagues. He was active on legislation related to military base closures, agricultural subsidies, NAFTA, homeland security, and education scholarships for disadvantaged children in the nation's capital.

Prior to entering political life, he taught economics at the university level, primarily at the University of North Texas. 

At the firm, Congressman Armey plans to continue to pursue his particular interest in policy issues such as tax legislation to achieve a fairer, flatter tax structure; retirement security; and the high tech sector of the economy, including such issues as privacy, digital signatures and broad band communications.

He is the author of four books, Price Theory 1977), The Freedom Revolution (1995), and The Flat Tax (1996), and Armey’s Axioms (2003).

Congressman Dick Armey, who is not a lawyer, is special policy advisor to the firm and co-chair of the firm's Homeland Security Task Force.

Civic and Charitable
Co-Chairman, Citizens for a Sound Economy
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