Wonder Man

When I was a kid, I loved the old Wonder Man show, starring Lyle Waggoner. The only thing I could never understand was why they treated Lynda Carter like she was the star of the show. Go figure.

At right, we have Wonder Man in a version of his original costume. Before you start griping about it not being 100% accurate, I ask you this,

"Who's milkin' this cow, anyway?"

The red and green color combo here would suggest that the original Baron Zemo, Wonder Man's creator, was color blind. That would also explain the Zemo family's propensity for nearly a century's worth of fashion faux pas.

And for the ionic super-hero on the go, we have the latest in garish safari jacket fashions. This little number is sure to turn heads at your next super-villain soiree.

From the waist down, it's a Red Skull. The torso is a modified Morbius shirt with Sculpey pockets and collar, and the sleeves came from Peter Parker's jacket. The hands are Iolaus' and the head and neck are from Johnny Blaze and Chameleon, respectively.


Just when you thought the costumes couldn't get more tacky, we have this seldom seen red, green and yellow outfit. Guaranteed to make your eyeballs ache, this suit was obviously designed to distract opponents by keeping them doubled-over in laughter.

The base is a Kull figure with a Sculpey-modified Daredevil head.