1. Judges Rewrite the Constitution

Are the courts the sole interpreters of the Constitution? What are the buzzwords that identify an activist ruling?

2. Judges Censor Acknowledgment of God

Is it constitutional to acknowledge God? Who favors the Pledge of Allegiance, and who is against it? What does "one nation under God" really mean? What is the "Lemon test"? How does the ACLU profit from attacking God? What does nonsectarian prayer have to do with an establishment of religion?

3. Judges Redefine Marriage

How did the Equal Rights Amendment promote same-sex marriage?

4. Judges Undermine U.S. Sovereignty

Which Supreme Court justices look to foreign law, when they cannot justify their opinions with US law? How are international treaties used to undermine US law?

5. Judges Promote Pornography

6. Judges Foster Feminism

7. Judges Handicap Law Enforcement

8. Judges Interfere with Elections

9. Judges Impose Taxes

10. How Judicial Supremacy Began

Why Marbury v. Madison was not the supremacist decision that people think it was. How the Dred Scott decision was the first supremacist decision. How Dred Scott was aggressively racist, and helped trigger the Civil War. How Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln opposed judicial supremacy.

11. How Judicial Supremacy Grew

How the Warren Court established judicial supremacy for the first time. The 15 pro-Communist rulings from the Warren Court. The decision after Brown v. Board of Education that really claimed judicial supremacy.

12. How To Stop Judicial Supremacists

What simple change to the US Senate's rule would ease confirmation of Bush's appointments? How bad judges could be spotted during confirmation hearings. How Congress could preserve marriage and references to God without amending the Constitution. How the record proves the constitutionality of withdrawing jurisdiction. The Defense Of Marrage Act, and why it needs to be defended. How to make sure that state marriage laws are defended as well. How Congress can stop reliance on foreign court decisions.