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N64 / Review / Quest 64
Quest 64
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Publisher: THQ
Release Date: Available Now
ESRB Rating: Everyone
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Review by: Scary Larry
Posted: 01/01/00

Selling an RPG for the Nintendo 64 should be one of the easiest things in the world: Diehard RPG fans, salivating over the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, are ready to pounce on anything that remotely looks like an RPG for this system. But they may have to wait a while longer, because Quest doesn't fulfill the requirements of a full-fledged RPG.

RPG for Beginners
Quest may appeal to gamers who think that overly adorable creatures (Were-Rabbits, for crying out loud) and little-league gameplay are right up their alley, but the majority of RPG fans are looking for something more substantive in their quests. Quest 64 stutters right from the start with very elementary gameplay, involving ineffective spells, and a very boring story line. Moreover, the simple interface is offset by incredibly tough battles that make the game seem more unfair than fun.

The game also shies away from traditional RPG elements. There are no treasures to find or gold to accumulate; everything is given to you in the towns, including health power-ups and talismans. The only thing you're required to do is get from town to town. As you build up your character's levels, you increase his magic powers (as applied to four different crystals representing earth, wind, fire, and water)---but the spells do far less damage than the staff you carry for whacking enemies with.

Quest Is Too Qute
Graphically, the game is populated with huge, one-dimensional polygons, making the backgrounds seem lifeless and uninspired. The main character is well illustrated, as are most of the enemies, but the spell effects look like they flew straight in from a Saturday morning cartoon. The sound fares much the same, with standard music and wacky sound effects during battles.

The menu interface can be confusing at times, requiring you to weave your way through three or four menu selections before finding the spell you want. There's no RPG logic to destroying the enemies, either: Water-based enemies aren't adversely affected by fire spells, fire-based enemies aren't affected by ice spells, and so on.

Too Many Quest-ions
There aren't any Nintendo 64 RPGs to compare Quest with, but as far as RPGs go in general, this game couldn't hold its own against anything else out there. When Zelda is released, Quest will be as easily forgotten as last Wednesday's lunch. Until then, however, Nintendo 64 owners don't have much choice, and Quest could take up some time in the lonely interim.

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