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POPOLO [In what way do you think a man can be sexy?]
MATSUMOTO [Um. This is difficult......]
OHNO [The man like GACKT (a famous rock singer wearing blue contact lenses-_-")......]
AIBA & MATSUMOTO [(laugh)]
POPOLO [Let me site the example here, girls think that the man driving a car is charming]
MATSUMOTO [Ah! you mean like this? (then he pretended to handle the wheel with one hand, looking back and drive the car backward)]
OHNO [Right. That way, the man prevent the girl from danger (then OHNO pretend to handle the wheel with one hand, and put the other hand on the seat beside the driver)]
MATSUMOTO [Danger? We put the hand on the seat beside cause we need to turn our neck and look at the back, don't we? (laugh) Also, I think that the guy can be sexy from the way he move his hand, more than just driving]
AIBA [Yes~ the way Leader (OHNO)'s hand move in the concert is sexy!]
MATSUMOTO [Like this? (then he folds his middle finger with his ring finger (?) and flip the hand upward and downward) Ohno kun, you like to move your hands like this, don't you? (laugh)]
OHNO [Yeah, I seem to like it (laugh)]
AIBA [A man with a trained muscle can be sexy too. Someone like a Thai-boxing arthelete]
OHNO [Talking about a tight muscle man, then a man who dance ballet is also sexy]
AIBA & MATSUMOTO [(laugh)]
AIBA [Basically, a sportman is sexy. But they don't intend to be sexy though....]
MATSUMOTO [That's right. Maybe the fact the they don't recognise their sexiness makes them sexy. Someone like a swimmer. They bear their chest and that makes them sexy in a sense. But all those in-land arthelete got to wear shirts. If they take it off then it will become unnatural and that is not sexy]
POPOLO [People of a different sex do sense differently when it comes to sexiness. A girl also think that a man with a "MAN-LIKE" charactor is charming....cause that's something she doesn't belong]
MATSUMOTO [But "SEXY" and "MAN-LIKE CHARACTOR" is somewhat a different thing]
AIBA [Talking about a MAN-LIKE CHARACTOR, I think INAKAPPEI DAISHOU (a comic charactor) is number one. He is the only one guy that looks good with that dish!]
MATSUMOTO [(laugh) Besides, I think that the man on the boat is cool. Someone like a fisherman. When they are on the boat, they look so MAN-LIKE!]
POPOLO How about the girl? How do you think they can be sexy?
MATSUMOTO [It's more easier to give opinion about girl]
AIBA [Like the girl who seems careless ... when they are waiting for their order in the restaurant and sort of....]
MATSUMOTO [Ha?!? Well, how about when the girl looks at us with kind of challenging eyes like... grancing from our head and go down...]
AIBA [Like all those royal princess? (laugh)]
OHNO [How about a dancing girl?]
MATSUMOTO [Ah~ girl dancers are sexy]
OHNO [They don't have to dress bold. I like the way they dress in the almost bold dress... that give the feeling like... we think we will sure see something (under the dress) when they dance but actually, we can't. Also, I think the girl dancers during their preparation moment (dressing up / strech legs etc.) are sexy]
MATSUMOTO [I quite understand what you mean. And when we catch them during the preparation moment, then they would be a bit freak out (laugh)]
AIBA [Eh? I don't understand what you guys mean]
OHNO [You see, when they are preparing, others are not supposed to see them, don't they?]
All laugh
MATSUMOTO [You make us see the clear picture! (laugh)]
AIBA [I don't see any picture at all!!]
OHNO [Not only dancing, I also find the girl sexy when they are doing guy's stuff]
AIBA [Ah, the girl riding on the big motorcycle is cool]
OHNO [Yes, now you know what I mean]
MATSUMOTO [Girl who is not flirting is also sexy, don't you think?]
OHNO + AIBA [...........]
MATSUMOTO [Hey, give me some response!]
AIBA [Well, I can't give quick comment about girl, not flirting....]
MATSUMOTO [I mean girls who seem so calm, do not care to flirt to guys. I think this kind of women got the unique sense of sexiness]
AIBA [Also, girls who are good at cooking]
MATSUMOTO [Yes, girls who can show faminine's side can be sexy. But basically, talking about girl's sexiness, it got to be UNDERWEARS]
OHNO + AIBA [...........]
MATSUMOTO [Hey, don't run away! Admit it!, SEXINESS and EROTIC have close relation, don't they? We can't avoid erotic, when we talk about sexiness. You even feel excited when you see no line of the underwear under girls' pants cause they are now wearing a G-string ....]
OHNO + AIBA [...........]
MATSUMOTO [And if the lower part of their cloth allows us to see their nice legs... then that can be sexy, right?]
AIBA [Well then, talking about nice legs, I like girl in a traditional Chinese dress]
MATSUMOTO [Chinese dress is long, so we shouldn't suppose to see their legs. But they do have that long cut from the bottom of the dress, reveal the legs and that makes girls in Chinese dress sexy]
AIBA [You seem so hot talking about this stuff! (laugh)]
OHNO [Also, I think a girl who tie their hair is sexy]
MATSUMOTO [Ponytail?]
OHNO [Any kind, as long as she ties her hair]
MATSUMOTO [I also tied my hair in the concert......]
OHNO [Then you are sexy!!]
All laughed
OHNO [Guys can be sexy when they tie their hairs too]
MATSUMOTO [So that's how I look like in Ohno kun's eyes .... (laugh)]
POPOLO [By the way, what do you do during your free time?]
OHNO [Ah, I also watch DVD. Yesterday, I watched the one called "SHOURIN SOCCER"]
AIBA [I watched that one in the cinema. That's a good movie, isn't it?
MATSUMOTO [I didn't watch that .....]
AIBA [What did you watch, Matsujun?]
MATSUMOTO [I watched some movies though but then I was busy with the filming of GOKUSEN SPECIAL]
AIBA [So, basically, we are all in an in-door mode]
MATSUMOTO [I feel I'm alone lately]
OHNO [But I eat out often lately]
AIBA [Ah, that's a surprise]
MATSUMOTO [Yes, a surprise!]
OHNO [My friends has been sending me mails, asking when I can go out with them and have dinner. So when I have sometimes, I hang out with each of them, day after day]
MATSUMOTO [It seems like you got a work to finish (laugh)]
POPOLO [You said a minute ago that you will got the drama GOKUSEN SPECIAL?]
MATSUMOTO [Yes, this time the story will be about the kids in 3D class.... the road to graduate. By the way, if you want to ask about sexiness, I think you had better ask Sawada Shin, not me (laugh) He's more sexy though. Also, Aiba chan will co-star in the drama "KAIGO KASOKU (a Nursing Family)" that will be on air in March]
AIBA [I play the role of a son of the family named Mataki Akira. The title tell the story. It's about a family-run nursing center....that can link to someone's story in the real life.... or the future of someone. I wish everybody in the same family will watch it together and think about it]