Popolo March 2003
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POPOLO [The theme of this month is 'happiness' so what is your 'happiness'?
Sakurai [Normally I don't feel like ..."I'm not happy now". I guess my happiness is the time when I don't think wether I am happy or not. but surely, I got some small happy moment like ... I am happy when I come back home after working late at night. Or I'm happy when I have more time to sleep or on the day-off when I can sleep until a little past noon..... My small happiness is something like that......]
Matsumoto [Human can be a bit content with the thing near us. In my case, The most happiness moment in my life was the time I was born. Though I can't remember that exact moment at all (laugh)]
Ninomiya [Of course, you can't, you sound like the real Matsumoto!!]
Matsumoto [Then, I'm also happy that Arashi was formed. To think more widely, then I'm happy that Arashi enables me to do this kind of job, enable many people to meet us. I am happy too when people say 'I'M DOING GREAT' when they watch us. But above all, I am happy cause I am now having fun with my live]
Ohno [For me, looking back to the 3 years times since Arashi was formed, I feel the most happy with this exact moment. To tell you the truth, we had difficulty when we first form the group but now we kind of like .... we have climbed over these difficulties and re-born. I am happy with that. I guess I start to think more positively]
Aiba [Both during work and private time, I am happy when I am in the environment that enables me to do what I want to do. If there's something challenging, then I will just have to try more. You know, when I want to play saxophone and be able to start the lessen, I have never thought I will feel that much happy. To do the thing we want to do is one thing important. But last year, when I got health problem, I start to think that good health also important! If we have bad health, then we won't be able to do the thing we want to do. If we can do the thing we want to, that's happiness]
Ninomiya [I think that my happiness is 'TOMORROW'. Not only for me, but also for anyone.....if we don't have tomorrow, then nothing will happen. That's why I am happy that there is tomorrow. We try our best today so that we will have tomorrow........ no.... actually it is something like ... tommorrow is there for us to forget today, maybe. You know what, there are times when I think that 'I DON'T WANT TO DIE' especially when I think that there is no way I can escape from the death like those people in the TV show called 'KYUUSHI NI ISSEI SPECIAL(new live from the narrow escape from the death)' Sometimes when I think that someday, I have to die and I can't play game or guitar anymore.... I will think again that I DON'T WANT TO DIE. It's not the proof of happiness anyway]


POPOLO [Do you have some particular ways to gain happiness?]
Sakurai [I don't have one though, but if we do something with our full strength and we got the good result. And that good result brings us happiness. Then just got our hand on doing that thing is good enough. I mean just do it]
Matsumoto [For sure, you can't lean on others when it comes to happiness. A man who doesn't do anything but keeps on saying 'THAT GUY IS HAPPY, WHY CAN'T I BE HAPPY LIKE HIM?' is now dropping into the hole (laugh)]
Ohno [It's good for people who encounter hard life when they are young. Because it will make them stronger than others]
Aiba [Besides, Everything is not just for fun. It's not good to do thing only when you think it will be fun. I guess it's better if we will just have fun doing it. Also, I concern about the use of the time. Since we can't save the time like money, the result of the thing done between people who make good use of the time and people who is not good at managing time will turn out to be different]


POPOLO [I have asked about somewhat a big happiness of you. This time, I wish to ask what is your small happiness?]
Sakurai [OK. What is your little contentment then Ohno kun?]
Ohno [Eh...... I can't think of any right now...]
Ninomiya [For me, just to be able to sit at the most corner seat on the train (the one near the door) makes me content]
Sakurai [Ah... I understand that feeling]
Matsumoto [But you know in this season (winter), isn't it cold to sit there?]
Ninomiya [It's good to cool down your body]
Matsumoto [But isn't it cold?]
Ninomiya [It's cold but that's OK for me, cause i don't sleep anyway]
Matsumoto [But isn't it cold?!?]
Ninomiya [I TOLD YOU !!! Yes, it's cold !! (laugh) But that's just fine. The seat is warm enough as I sit continuously!]

[Hai hai, I know rapid train can be powerful (laugh)]
Sakurai [Don't be silly! (laugh) Anyway, Ohno kun...how about your small happiness? Think of any?]
Ohno [............. ]
Sakurai [Come on, it can be the moment like ... the face expression of people whom you give them the picture that you draw .... How you can feel their happiness ... and stuff like ....]
Ohno [Talking about drawing, the most happiest moment is in between drawing]
Sakurai [Is that so~]
Ohno [That's because when I draw, I pay concentration and don't think of something else. I love the unfinished picture. When I got home and see that unfinished picture, I will be happy]
All [Eh!?!]
Everyone was surprised at Ohno kun
Sakurai [Really ... I've learnt good thing now]
Ninomiya [That's pretty weird]

Matsumoto [And gloomy....]
Aiba [(laugh) Then it's my turn. My small happy moment will be....]
Ninomiya [Playing the dance game with your brother and never even once lost to him!]
Aiba [What're you talking about. I've never played that kind of game (laugh) I will feel the small happiness when I can wake up at the exact time. You got me? It's like... sleeping in the train and waking up just one station before the station I want to get off]
Matsumoto [Then it's not the exact time (laugh)]
Ninomiya [(laugh) It's not exactly the time, isn't it?]
Ohno [But I understand that feeling. It is like ... "AH... HERE COMES THE NEXT STATION" Right?
Aiba [Right, right. I mean just don't sleep over and wake up in time]
Ninomiya [Like ... if we want to get off at Yokohama station, then it's not like we wake up at that exact station, but one station before, is that right?]
POPOLO [Cause if we wake up at that exact station and rush off the train, we'd be flurried]
Ohno [Yes, yes. You got it right]
Aiba [Then apart from that, if I am home and wake up, I will go back to sleep again. That second round of sleeping makes me feel good. And later if I can wake up at the exact time, that day is the best day]
Sakurai [Yes, the best]
Matsumoto [In my case, the day that I can wake up during morning time is the best!]
Sakurai [Ah~ I understand that feeling. For me, I also feel happy in the day that the weather is good, like today. Especially in winter, under the sun]
Aiba [Ah~ me too, me too!]


POPOLO [So how about your happiness as the group?]
Matsumoto [It's great if we got lots of fans]
Sakurai [After this kind of comment, please wear .......(?) Sorry I really don't know what Sho kun was talking about!)
Matsumoto [Stop that! Now I talk like a good person, am I?]
Sakurai [Arashi's happiness can be something like, when we got more of our regular variety shows. Besides, I AM HAPPY WHEN OHNO KUN IS ENERGETIC (laugh)]
Ninomiya [Um, um. We are happy WHEN OHNO KUN IS CHEERFUL (laugh)]
Ohno [(turn to everyone) Well, I am so happy you said that!]
Sakurai [Oh~ smart talk!]
Ninomiya [You seem like the real leader!!]
Matsumoto [Just don't go along with the rhyme (laugh)]
Ohno [ ........... ]
Ninomiya [Now you are quailed with that comment (laugh)]
Ohno [No, actually, I am so thrilled to be teased by you!!]
Everyone laughed
Sakurai [What a very low posture here! (laugh)]

POPOLO [Lastly, to be happy, please tell us your ambition for this year's Arashi]
Sakurai [It's good if this year, we can fully do everything more that last year, having more regular programs or be invited as guests in other shows. This year, we will aim for that!]
Ninomiya [Yes! I want to do it even until the end of this year]
Matsumoto [One year is a long way to go, that's why we will just achieve each ambition at time]
Aiba [Starting from now on]
Ohno [Let's have fun doing that. We are here because we have worked hard through the year 2002!]