Tuesday 25th January, 2005:

Your God is not here today, priest!
(Nico Claux)

Our first Pariah interview is going to kick off with a large gunshot bang because I managed to score an interview with the infamous murderer, vampire, necrophile, cannibal and artist par excellence Nico 'The Vampire of Paris' Claux. For those of you that live so far outside the loop that you do not know who Nico is then you can read about him here, because it is about time that you knew about the existence of the post-modern answer to Bram Stoker's Dracula. This is AK47's exclusive interview with France's very own Prince of Darkness, Nico Claux. (AK47)

AK47: Ok I’d like to start this interview by talking about the past before moving on to discuss the present and the future, because I am sure a lot of people are hung up on your past, although I do not want it to be the sole focus of this interview. I guess what people really want to know first off is why did you do it? Why did you decide to take the life of another human being in what seemed to many to be a motiveless crime?

NICO: It was a mystical experience and something I wanted to do for years and that was obsessing me. The idea does not obsess me anymore, but let's say that I have no moral limits to do those kind of things again.

AK47: When did you first start to harbour the desire to kill? Do you think that anything triggered your homicidal impulse?

NICO: As a child I think. Curiosity, and I am not unique in that sense. Maybe what triggered it was an existentialist crisis in my life.

AK47: Murder is a human taboo, a taboo that most of us, despite at times harbouring homicidal thoughts, will never breach. What does it feel like once you have breached that taboo? Does murdering another human being change the way in which you view reality?

NICO: Well it is a huge ego boost and you have to sit back and be critical about it to get back to reality. I think I am less thrilled by the experience now. Things tend to fade away. I am more thrilled by pure mystical experiences and encounters.

AK47: Do you feel any remorse for your crime?

NICO: No because I am just unable to. And nothing will ever change that. Plus I am the only one concerned. Remorse is for people who need to live through the eyes of others. I don't.

AK47: Now I know that you have probably heard questions of this nature about a zillion times but what attracts you to grave-robbing and cannibalizing human remains?

NICO: Degradation of the human race. Reducing them to cattle. That is very satisfying. More than murder.

AK47: Have you ever fantasized about eating the living?

NICO: If you mean biting someone till they bleed, I get to do it during sex.

AK47: This is a pretty sick question but we all tend to be rather morbidly curious at this site so forgive us, what does human meat taste like? Does it taste like chicken? :)

NICO: It tastes like horse meat.

AK47: Ok, enough with the murder already we want to know what about your fabulous art. How did you get into art? I have read in other interviews that you have said that the need for destruction can be sublimated into the act of creation. Could you tell us about that please Nico?

NICO: Well its all about channelling your creativity into something, and it can be both murder or art. Let's say that the former implies more paper work if you get caught.

AK47: Some would say that we live in a society in which we glamourize murderers, like Mickey and Mallory Knox syndrome, do you agree that this is the case? Do you think that explains your popularity among people of certain lifestyle enclaves or do you think that your success is more about your talent as an artist? Or is it one part notoriety, one part creativity, and one part hunkability perhaps? ;)

NICO: I think it's the rock n roll attitude. That's why people prefer Richard Ramirez to Gary Ridgway. Everything is in the attitude.

AK47: This is a site focusing on monotheism bashing so let me ask you, what is your opinion on Christianity and the notion of God?

NICO: God is just a symbolic father figure to help keep the crowd silent and obedient. That is a great notion for me cause it provides me with plenty of human cattle that stand quietly in the dark until they get slaughtered. It's easier to get passive prey than rebellious wild game.

AK47: Do you have any religious/spiritual/philosophical leanings?

NICO: Traditional European devil worship, chaos gnosticism and sadian philosophy.

AK47: I am sure some people, especially good ol’ Christian folks, would use the word ‘evil’ to describe you, but what is ‘evil’ in your opinion? Do you think that ‘evil’ exists?

NICO: I do not view the world this way. For me its a question of personal choices. There's things I despise like paedophilia or muslim terrorism. But I do not call this 'Evil'.

AK47: What are you doing with your life at the moment? Have you got any projects on the go?

NICO: Working, getting tattooed and living a normal social life. But I do not forget where I come from.

AK47: What are your plans for the future?

NICO: Live each day as if it was the last.

AK47: What would you like to say to the world Nico?

NICO: To the cattle: Worship your god, and let yourself bleed to death. Humans are parasites.
To the predators: never surrender.

AK47: Thank you for your time Nico. It was a pleasure to have you at our humble little internet abode. Good luck for the future. :)






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