Generic Recording Device

A Generic Recording Device allows you to record the activity taking place in a particular room, including anything said or emoted by people in the room. It performs a similar function to the logging feature provided by various MUD Client Programs, although it saves the text to a note on the MOO, rather than to a file on your server or hard drive. You must be a builder to create a Generic Recording Device.

To create your own recorder type @create #2978 named <recorder name>. For example, if you wanted to create a recorder called MyRecorder, you would type

@create #2978 named MyRecorder

Once you have a recorder, you must create a tape for it. Do this by typing @create $note named <tape name>. If you called your tape "MyTape", you would type

@create $note named MyTape

You must now drop the recorder in the room in which you want to record the dialogue. Do this by moving your character to that room and typing drop <recorder name>. For example,

drop MyRecorder

The recorder can not begin taping until you specify the tape that you want it to record onto. You can do this by typing use <recorder name> with <tape name>. For example,

use MyRecorder with MyTape

At the beginning of the session you want to record, you can turn your recorder on by typing turn <recorder name> on. For example, you would activate MyRecorder by typing

turn MyRecorder on

When finished taping, you type turn <recorder name> off to end recording. The conversations that took place in the room are now recorded as a text file, contained (in this example) on the note MyTape. Make sure you remember to pick up the recorder before you leave the room. You can do this by typing get <recorder name> when you are done.

To receive a copy of the recorded material, you then type mailme <tape name>, and a copy will be sent to you via email.

For a complete list of commands for using the Generic Recording Device, you can type either @examine <recorder name> or help <recorder name>.

Please note that the Generic Recording Device can be used in conjunction with the Generic Improved Classroom. If you place the recorder in the room (and turn it on), it will record everything said in the room--but not what is said at individual tables. If you place the recorder on a table (by using place <recorder> on <table>), it will record everything that people at that table can hear, but not the discussions at other tables.