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July 11, 2003

time and attention studies

..quantifying attention, in a non-linear way, and restricting the question to human computer interaction (rather than including attention focused on the cat, the familly, football etc) leads off all over the place

dials for optimising the relative attention grabbingness (apologies for the language breakdown) of different applications

..setting the peripheralness

instead of 'skins', you have 'forms' so you have a bunch of physical interface objects that can be plugged into any application that can take that physcial form

..so the purple thing in the corner can be dull and unassuming, or scintilliting, depending on its current attention status

on the darker side quantifying attention leads to being paid in attention units rather than hours, and more pay for longer periods of continuous attention ..and variable rates depending on where your attention is focused at any given moment

[call centres pretty much there already]

..and realising that computers are sucking in attention as we speak

'damn it i have 10,000 people in backoffices staring at screens, and my machines are sucking the attention of that many minds, therefore i must be doing well...'

[from Darrell Berry email in response to question about work on quantifying attention]

..see Tangible Media at MIT meda lab for trippy ubicomp projects

..including work on plant interfaces

"Plants are very common in our world and and contain a vast amount of information. Although there are open debates about the intelligence of plants, it is undeniable that plants have a great ablity to do low-cost sensing and rudimentary communication."

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