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Arc the Lad game script

For easier page loading, this transcript is broken into nine sections.
Scripting of the main storyline is complete.
  1. Beginning in Seirya (33.5K)
  2. On to Millmana (19K)
  3. Back to Seirya (30K)
  4. To Alatos and the First Guardian (21.5K)
  5. To Greyshinne and the Second Guardian (28K)
  6. To Niedel and the Third Guardian (22K)
  7. To Zariban and the Fourth Guardian (18K)
  8. The Last Guardian (21K)
  9. The Ark (20K)

My first playthrough of Arc the Lad took 20 hours--it took me about 5 hours to get through the Forbidden Dungeon.

My second playthrough--taking longer for typing--took 23 hours. Added to that was six days of typing the script and three more days of converting the script to html.

I'm about to start scripting Arc the Lad 2. It took me over 80 hours to get through it the first time. (I like maxing out character levels.) I don't want to think about how long it will take to script.)

Arc the Lad 2 game script

For easier page loading, this transcript will be broken into sections.
Scripting has just begun. Last updated March 3, 2003.
  1. Beginning in Prodias (30K)
  2. On to Indigos (61K)
  3. Back to Prodias (27K)
  4. Yagos Isle (51K)

Fan art

Powerpuff Bath Series given to me by hase.
(These are related to a fic I am working on.)
-Shu at a hot springs (30K)
-Tosh in a tub (26K)

Two quick Shu doodles by me
-Chibi Shu (7K)
-Shu in shadow (9.5K)

Also by me
-Chibi Shu, Elc, and Tosh (52K)
-a Christmas version of Elc from above pic (37K)


Pretty low on Arc the Lad links right now.

-GameFAQs: Arc the Lad Collection FAQs and Guides
(If you need a walkthrough, I recommend Billy Lee's.)
-Working Designs' Arc the Lad Collection page
(Get the game, darn it. I want to see more fans!)

-inky's link page
(Sorry, these aren't Arc links, just other stuff that I'm interested in.)

Powerpuff Tosh and Shu pics are gifts from hase.
Questions or comments? Contact inky91 at her yahoo address.

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