Mr. Sandoval and his class read and count together.
Sr. Sandoval y su clase leyó y cuenta junto.

Kaleidoscope M.S. was invited to participate in a Dell Computer reasearch project. Each student will be loaned a computer to use both at home and at school. Teachers will be trained and given state of the art technology to use with their students. We all welcome Ms. Betty Hughes, our new Grant Coordinator to our school. She will be busy in the following months helping students and teachers use technology effectively. Click the link for Kaleidoscope to see their own website..

Las Americas Early Childhood began the year with exciting learning as many students began school for the first time. We salute all of our brave new student learners.

Las Americas M.S. has been chosen to receive $35,000 in technolgy equipment from Hewlett Packard. Students will participate in a virtual science fair, and teachers will receive training in using technology and the new projectors, cameras, and teacher tablets that they received from HP.

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