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Home Theater Lovers Beware!
Mosquitos belong outdoors, not in your picture. Mosquito improves your DTV/DSS/DVD pictures by removing "Mosquito" noise.  See our ad.

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Home Theater 3D Mosquito Noise Reducer


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Mosquito is a three dimensional (3D) digital processor, able to accept standard and "progressive scan" component signals. Mosquito is also available with SD/HD capability. Our 3D Mosquito Noise Reducer, targeted at the Home Theater market, is ideal for inline use with DVD and DSS (picture 3) for noise reducing compression artefacts often seen on larger displays such as Plasmas or projected images of all sizes. The Mosquito cleans and sharpens DCT compressed images such as MPEG2 used in Direct Satellite Signals (DSS), Digital Cable, Digital Terrestrial Television (DTV), and digital recording such as Digital Video Disk (DVD's) or even Personal Video Recorders (PVR).

Mosquito performs four distinct image-processing techniques. First, Mosquito removes Mosquito noise (3D-MNR), using Algolith's proprietary region-based algorithm. Mosquito noise is random noise apparent along edges of compressed images (see pictures 1 & 2). Second, Mosquito provides Block Artefact Reduction (BAR) by blending and diminishing inherent 8 x8 pixel block structures of MPEG2 images. Third, the 3D-MNR provides advanced motion adaptive temporal filtering techniques aimed at eliminating random noise. Finally, the 3D-MNR provides the user with adjustable image enhancement using non-linear filters.

Mosquito is the ideal and essential addition for any serious enthusiast's Home Theater.

Specifications and Features

  • Video inputs (2):
    • Type: analog YPbPr interlaced/progressive SD/HD.
    • 480 i/p
    • 720p
    • 1080i
  • Automatic interlaced/progressive SD/HD input detection.
  • Input precision: 12 bits.
  • Vdeo output:
    • Type: analog YPbPr interlaced/progressive SD/HD.
    • 480 i/p
    • 720p
    • 1080i
  • Output precision: 12 bits.
  • Processing precision: up to 14 bits.
  • Proprietary 3D-MNR Mosquito Noise Reduction.
  • Proprietary 3D-NR Gaussian Noise Reduction.
  • Proprietary 2D Block Artefact Remover (BAR).
  • Detail Enhancer.
  • Universal IR Remote Control
  • USB control and download capability
  • Front panel:
    • IR sensor
    • Power on "Blue LED" indicator
  • Back panel:
    • YPbPr input A connectors: 3 RCA
    • YPbPr input B connectors: 3 RCA
    • YPbPr output connectors: 3 RCA
    • USB connector
    • Wired remote control connector
    • DC power connector
  • Controls:
    • Input Selection.
    • Detail Enhancer Level.
    • Noise Reducer Level.
    • Mosquito Noise Reduction Level.
    • Block Artefact Reducer (on/off).
  • Split screen (on/off).
  • OSD (On Screen programmable Display) w/t status feedback.
  • Power: external AC adaptor
    • Input: 90-240 VAC 1A
    • Output: 12VDC 5A
  • Low Profile fan less chassis.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 17 in.
    • Depth: 12 in.
    • Height: 1.5 in.
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Rack Mounting Brackets


Picture 1:   Gaussian or RF like Noise Reduction: left image unprocessed, right image processed.


Picture 2:   Mosquito Noise: left image unprocessed, right image processed.


Picture 3:    Typical Application Diagram


MSRP Prices: $2,495.00

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