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Stellaluna became lost from her mother when she was a baby. She did not get a chance to learn about who she was. Stellaluna feels very sad because she is not like her bird friends. Let's help Stellaluna learn more about being a bat. Stellaluna is a very unique mammal with special gifts. It will be your quest to learn the facts about bats. You can help teach Stellaluna and others about the special qualities of being a bat.

The Task

After reading the book, work with a partner to find out more information about bats. You will investigate:

The Process

1. Stellaluna is one type of bat, a megabat. Bats can be first classified into two groups, megabats and microbats. Then there are several different types of bats within these two groups. Choose who will investigate the megabats and who will investigate the mircrobats.








2. Stellaluna had a loving mother. You will work with your partner and complete the assignment together. Your job is to find out how bat mothers care for their babies until they are able to be on their own. Click on the bats.

3. Stellaluna could fly at night and not get hurt. Investigate her special gift called echolocation. Your job is to discover how echolocation works. Could you use echolocation to see in the dark like bats do? Click on the bat to find out.


4. Stellaluna and her bat friends help our world. Your job is to list how bats help the world and then teach your friends! Click on the world to discover how bats help us.

5. Bats are unique and helpful mammals. Why do you think some people are afraid them? You will investigate bat facts and myths and decide for yourself. What could you teach people to not be afraid of bats?

6. Write a letter to Stellaluna and explain to her why she is so special. This is your opportunity to show that you are a bat expert!



You and your partner can earn up to 75 points on this webquest. You will find a graphic organizer to complete tasks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Each task can earn up to 10 points. The letter to Stellaluna is most important! You can earn up to 25 points. Each task has a graphic organizer, directions and grading rubric. You can decide how many points you can earn. You will help grade your own work.

65-75 points
54-64 points
47-53 points
40-46 points
Excellent work!

You're a whiz kid and bat expert, keep it up!

Great work!

You really know your bat facts, bat master.

Very Good work!

You have helped Stellaluna be proud

Good work!

Now go out there and teach others about bats.

Remind your teacher to give you the "Certificate of Accomplishment" after you complete this webquest, you deserve it!



Now that you have become a bat expert, visit these fun and exciting sites. You can learn even more about bats or play bat games and make bat art. Maybe you would like to build a bat house in your backyard!

Crossword Puzzle

Stellaluna on line

Bat Quiz

Build A Bat House

Bat Games


If you just can't get enough of bats, keep on learning. Visit your local library and check out these books:


Also, visit these excellent computer sights.

Basically Bats Home: http://karst.lads.com/BasicallyBats/index.html

Bat World: http://www.saluki.com/bats/

Bats, Bats Everywhere: http://members.aol.com/bats4kids/index.htm

Bats as Kids: http://members.aol.com/obcbats/batsaskids.html

Bats are Beaut: http://users.mildura.net.au/users/dgee/


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