Using the Points of Interest Board and Adding the Points of Interest Feature

Using the Points of Interest Board

The Points of Interest Board is located in the Student Union lounge. It provides a guide to various exhibits and projects found on the MOO, organized by category. Without a special feature, you can check the POI Board only if you are in the Student Union Lounge or in another room that has a copy of that board. With the @add-feature #15755 command, you are able to access the POI Board from anywhere in Diversity University.

Guests have feature #15755 added to their character by default. However, if you are a new character or Virtual Student Player Object (VSPO), you must go to the Student Union Lounge (@go Student Union) to view the Points of Interest Board. The following directions will work only if you are in the Student Union Lounge, where the POI Board is located. You can type look DU Places of Interest to view the full list of exhibits. Since the list is fairly long, it might scroll too fast on your screen. To limit the number of lines that appear on the screen at one time, type @pagelength 24 (and hit " Enter"). You can type help @pagelength for a full explanation of the purpose of this command.

If you want to see a description of an exhibit, type show <item> on DU Places of Interest. If I were interested in seeing a description of Dante's Inferno, for example, I would type

show 15 on DU Places of Interest
To travel to the exhibit, just type go <item> on DU Places of Interest. For example, to visit The Serpent's Tongue, type: go 74 on POI.

You can add your own exhibit to the board with the command, add to POI. Or if you want to edit an existing exhibit that you added earlier, you can type edit <item> on POI. In order to remove an exhibit from the board, type erase <item> from POI.

If you would like a list of these commands at any time, you can type help POI.

Adding the Points of Interest Feature

To gain access to the POI Board from anywhere in DU, type

@add-feature #15755

Now that you have done this, there is a different list of commands that you will use to access the POI Board. The following commands will work both in the Student Union Lounge and from elsewhere on the MOO. You can display the POI Board according to its various categories by typing poi-look. Select the category you want by typing its number and hitting return. For example, typing 14 and hitting return will give you a list of the English Exhibits on DU. Poi-show <item> will provide more information about an exhibit. You can use poi-go to visit an exhibit. For example, if you wanted to visit the MOO Poetry Cube, you would type poi-go 77. To pull up a list of helpful commands, type poi-help.

Written by Chelsea Kuzma. Revised by Leslie Harris. Please send comments and corrections to