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Check out today's link. Funny movies make Adam happy.

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I found out a few days ago that I don't have Crohn's. I have Ulcerative Colitis afterall. The stupid people at the doctor's office couldn't read the pathology report where it said "favoring ulcerative colitis" :P I've also been feeling much better the last couple of days. Not only am I no longer dying (I only wake up 3 times a night now) but I just got a valentine in the mail :) Becky's such a nerd :P


Imagine a nearly constant stomach ache. Then add no energy, no appetite, constant boredom, inability to do much of anything with nobody around to keep you company. Then get up 8+ times a night to go to the bathroom and get punched in the stomach repeatedly. this has been going on for 2 weeks now.

oh yeah, I've been feeling a little better the last couple of days...


My website is becoming a downer.

I just found out yesterday I have Crohn's Disease, a nasty intestinal auto-immune disorder where my body overreacts to things like normal bacteria and food and ends up tearing the hell out of my intestines. I get to have it for the rest of my life with periodic flare-ups and possibly surgery once or twice to remove diseased sections of my intestines. Yee friggin haw.

To balance out the bad news, Neil and I are hiring a business guru to help us start our company, I'm almost done reviewing the first draft of our patent and Neil just got a sweet deal on a storefront across the street from his apartment (also a sweet deal) where he will be working on becoming a big-shot product photographer

Neil's new studio pre-demolition