Updated: Monday April 5,1999

On The Mechanic Bulletin Board (propaganda central), in amfa flyers, and in amfa's mass brainwashing rallys, National Director O.V. Delle-Femine has countered criticisim of the Atlantic Coast Airlines (ACA) agreement by blaming his membership for voting in favor of the agreement.  He never once accepted responsibility for the dismal contract, even though it was the product of his lack of negotiating skills.

Recently, an ACA amfa member posted a response to Delle's "not me" policy of passing the blame. He explained how ACA members really feel about amfa.

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Received: Monday, March 29, 7:35 PM

Name: Tim

Employer: ACA



I'm writing this letter because I'm sick and tired of being chastised by Aircraft Mechanics and by My Own National President.

Mr. O.V. Dell Femine. I was talking to a couple of my friends who work at NWA. How come every time AMFA goes on a campaign at another airline Dell and the AMFA leadership, "Blasts", us here for the AMFA contract that we have. Well, the AMFA members who we're actually involved during this process want to tell the rest of the Airline industry just how it really went down here. After years of negotiating, we finally got our 30 day release. We had no TA and thought we we're going to strike the airline. But no, this never happened. My National President wouldn't authorize a strike. Instead he continued to sign letters of agreement with the company to extend our 30 day cooling down period. After this went on for a while our management changed their tunes on the floor and started telling us that they could and would impose a contract on us at the end of the period if we didn't either accept the companies final offer that Dell was bringing us or go on strike. Well, we had already heard enough of Dell's excuses and "Chaos" theory inuendos to realize for our selves that we were in a no win position. Dell talks about the great turn over here. Well, that is partly true, because our jobs are terrible and we couldn't get a contract for years. So, many of our employees left for better paying jobs. But, don't be fooled by the fact that a bunch of young mechanics decided our fate. We talked to them every day at work. Just like it goes on at other airlines I'm sure and we told them of the possible senarios. Now that is more than AMFA ever did for us. We practically had to fend for ourselves during this whole process. Now, I'm sure that some of the AMFA members at Alaska and Mesaba know exactly what I'm talking about and I challenge them to come to this forum once again and tell the rest of the industry how it is actually going at their airlines with AMFA. I'm certain it will be the same as here. I am hoping that this is the end of the bashing of this membership by my fellow technicians and MY OWN UNION. To the rest of you out their who are considering going AMFA, remember when they say you are the union...they really arn't kidding, cause you'll be hard pressed to find your National around!!!



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What is interesting to note is that Delle never responded to this post, despite the invitation to do so.

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