History of enterprise

In December a children's commune named after F.E.Dzerzhinsky was founded. First products, manufactured in commune workshops, were punches for railroad carriages, oil-cans and other metal goods.

On base of commune workshops a plant was built, which was the first in USSR to introduce manufacture of electric drills. They became fist products of the commune. Electric drills FD-1, electric scissors and electric hammers, made by "FED", were widely used in various industries.

In January a serial production of the first in USSR low-format photographic camera "FED" has started.

Considering well-organized optical production of "FED" plant, in was assigned a production of military products - sharp-shooter and artillery sights.

In evacuation, the plant, first in USSR, started serial production of direct injection aviation pumps NB-3U. The components were intended for combustion engines, designed by A.D.Shvetsov, and were installed on La-5, La-7 and Tu-2 aircraft.

Production of cameras has been restored. Development of photographic production.

Introduction and production of fuel control units TNR-3RА for the first Soviet passenger jet Tu-104. Start of serial production of nozzles for "Belarus" tractor, in connection with that - production capacities of "FED" have been significantly expanded. A progressive technology was introduced - electro-erosion treatment of details. For expansion of photographic cameras production two conveyor lines were installed in assembly workshop. Introduction of conveyor assembly has increased labor productivity and promoted transition to large-scale production.

Pump NP-26M for hydraulic system of Su-7, Su-9 and Su-11 aircraft was introduced.

Production of hydro-motors 487 for Tu-22 and pumping stations NP-27 and NS-45 for MiG-21 and Tu-134 aircraft was launched.

Production of fuel control units ADT-24, ND-24 and VS-1A for An-24 and An-26 aircraft and their modifications has started.

Pumping stations NS-16, NS-16/1 and NS-58 for space equipment were introduced.

Introduction and production of fuel control units NR-3A.

Introduction and production of integrated drive generators GP-21, GP-23-2, GP-22 and PGL-40-2.

On base of Kharkov machinery plant "FED" a scientific-production corporation "FED" was founded. It includes: Kharkov machinery plant "FED", Pervomaisk mechanical plant, Volchansk aggregate plant and Kharkov aggregate design bureau. The main enterprise of the corporation is Kharkov machinery plant "FED".

Start of serial production of vertical drive for control system of tanks. Production of all types of cameras has stopped. 8,647,000 cameras were manufactured since the beginning.

SE KMP "FED" has received a certificate for production and overhaul of integrated drive generators, hydraulic motors and pumps, pumping stations, actuators, hydro- and pneumatic devices for aircraft, ships and ground vehicles and control systems for gas-filling equipment according to quality standards ISO 9002, issued by BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL.