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swoosh no more!

Hi. Thanks for visiting! This part of my site is now very out-dated, but it's still fairly popular so I'm keeping it online.

November 24, 1999: Thanks to everybody for all the submissions, comments and enthusiasm, but I think it's time for me to officially shut down operations :) Unfortunately, this means:

** I am no longer accepting or posting new logos **
I simply can't respond to everybody :)

If you absolutely must share your swooshy logo with the world, try going here (the swirly logo page) or here (Steve's "logohell"). You should also check out enormicom.com if you know what's good for you.

And now, the swooshes:

  + The Classic: Ball 'n' Swoosh
  + The Classic II: Star 'n' Swoosh
  + The Name 'n' Swoosh
  + The Arrowhead
  + Aren't We Clever
  + Half Swoosh
  + Ooooh, Planets!
  + The "Stepping Man"
  + In Which Alice Gets Lazy

-  Ball 'n' Swoosh
-  Star 'n' Swoosh
-  Name 'n' Swoosh
-  The Arrowhead
-  Aren't We Clever
-  Half Swoosh
-  Ooh, Planets
-  Stepping Man
-  Alice Gets Lazy

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