Amfa continues to make great promises, despite more than 30 years of failure.  The only contract that amfa has in place today, the Atlantic Coast disaster, was amfa's big chance to flex it's muscle.  By looking at the results, maybe Delle should spend more time in the gym.

Amfa has shown at ACA that when mechanics are free from the industrial unions and the "unskilled" they don't do any better for themselves.  Actually, they did worse.

ACA successfully stalled negotiations, eliminated lead mechanic jobs and changed (to the detriment of mechanics) the way they calculate overtime pay.

And how about amfa's "expert" lawyer Lee Seham? ACA has beat him in court three times. Even worse, Seham's losses have set bad legal precedents for anyone trying to negotiate a first contract under the Railway Labor Act. 

And what about the dazzling pay rates when mechanics get rid of the "unskilled?" After ACA stalled negotiations, O.V. Delle-Femine asked for binding arbitration.  He explained that it "would be quicker than full blown negotiations..." and the arbitrator usually gives the members basically what is in their industry..."  What happened to the promise that amfa's lawyer would negotiate an industry-leading contract?

Amfa's biggest promise is that once mechanics get rid of the other groups, they'll be able to negotiate better agreements.  Obviously, they were wrong.  Maybe "big labor" is right when it says there is strength in numbers, and that the true adversaries in the airline industry are greedy management's and deregulation - not our co-workers.

Whiplash Delle
The two faces of Delle

What Delle Promised

What Delle Delivered
Expert legal advice... "The use of legal counsel during contract talks has proven extremely beneficial...particularly in the critical areas of job protection..." Their lawyer lost in court trying to stop ACA from eliminating lead mechanic jobs and changing the way overtime is calculated. Their lawyer lost in court three times
Better contracts... "amfa has proved that the mechanics receive better contracts when the mechanics have their own union!" Requested binding arbitration: "The arbitrator usually gives members basically what is in their industry, which to us is a basic beginning..." Willing to settle for what everyone gets
Better treatment... "The pilots and flight attendants have reached their agreements... we assumed that our negotiations would have been expeditious one." "We had to wait 56 days for their 'opener.'  Once we received their 'opener', we found they did not address any of our proposals." Mechanics not treated better than other workers

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