Internal corrosion is a serious problem since it gives rise to particulate contamination. Corrosion inhibitors impart anti-rust properties to hydrocarbon fuels and afford excellent corrosion protection to the fuel distribution system. Corrosion inhibitors are surface active molecules which attach to the metal surface and repel water. Widespread use of fuel oxygenates has increased the need for effective corrosion inhibitors.

Octel-Starreon Corrosion Inhibitor Approvals List


US Military
(JP-4, JP-5, JP-8)

US Civil
(Jet A, A-1, B)
(Kerosene, Wide-Cut)



DCI-4A: A corrosion inhibitor lubricity additive for aviation and motor gasolines, jet fuels and other distillate fuels. Widely approved and preferred for use in jet fuels.

DCI-6A: A corrosion inhibitor for motor gasoline and distillate fuels. Also available in dilute blends for low temperature handling (DCI-6A 90/10 (90% A.I.) and as DCI-6A 80/20 (80% A.I.)).

DCI-11: Corrosion inhibitor for gasolines containing oxygenates and for use in alcohols.

DCI-28: Corrosion inhibitor for gasolines containing oxygenates and for use in very low pH alcohols.

DCI-30: Caustic Resistant corrosion inhibitor which provides excellent corrosion protection in gasoline and distillate fuels during pipeline transfers and storage.

DMA-4: Alkylaminoalkylphosphate in kerosene. USE: Antirust agent in petroleum distillates.

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