September 13, 2003
"Trust in the Lord, and do good . . ." 
Psalm 37:3
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Dear Friends,

  I hope you will make an effort to attend the first-ever International Conference on Homo-Fascism which is being sponsored by WCU. The machinery of homo-fascist tyranny is being set up in America; we must act now or live to rue--and be ashamed of--our idleness and silence. 

  Recently, in yet another stark warning of things to come, the Seattle Civil Rights Commission launched an investigation of the owner of a wedding service in that city who refused to print wedding invitations for two sodomite men! That's right; even though so-called same-sex marriage is unlawful in America, the lady is facing a government investigation for not printing sodomite wedding invitations! If any of you have been under the delusion that the sodomites simply want to live and let live, you will soon be disabused of that notion. Evil is never content to mind its own business, just as the devil is never satisfied with a little murder and a few lies. I only hope it will not be too late before the truth dawns on the sleepers and rouses them to take action. 

  Obviously, WCU is always looking for volunteers to distribute our brochures in churches and door to door in neighborhoods. Currently, we also need more individuals to get involved with Operation Saturation. For a gift from you of fifteen cents per address, WCU will mail the two powerful brochures "Homosexuality: The Truth" and "What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality" to as many addresses as you choose in a rural area you select anywhere in Wisconsin. We will provide the brochures and the envelopes and do the work. You provide the postage. We must push out into the rural areas with the truth which will defeat the lies of Sodom, especially at this opportune time when more people are getting tired of sodomite aggression and State Representative Mark Pocan is preparing to launch another legislative offensive on behalf of his favorite perversion. Now is the time to rise up and flood our state with truth to expose the sodomites' lies, even as we petition heaven for victory over New Sodom and the salvation of its citizens. 

  We must continue to stress that the gospel of Jesus Christ must be at the heart of everything we do. This nation will not reform before it revives, and there can be no revival unless the gospel is preached. "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?" (Romans 10:14). Quantities of our new salvation tract are available from WCU at cost ($.05 each) as is a pro-life/gospel tract ($.08 each), both of which can be found on our web site. Our six different brochures dealing with homosexuality are all free to those who will distribute them. It is foolish for us to expect a harvest of righteousness if we are too lazy to sow any seed. May the Lord provoke all of us to greater efforts on behalf of His kingdom. There is no reason short of our laziness which can prevent Wisconsin, and other parts of this nation, from being soaked with wave after wave of truth.

Below I have included WCU ministry highlights which have taken place since our last newsletter.

Pastor Ralph Ovadal

WCU Action Update
July 3 - September 12, 2003

"For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works are done in truth." 
Psalm 33:4

  Wisconsin Christians United continues to do weekly lit drops of homes and conduct pickets at busy intersections across our state. We are also supplying, free of charge, an ever increasing quantity of our literature to Christians in Wisconsin and other states who in turn distribute it. We are very encouraged by individuals such as Pastor Larry Hickam of Amarillo, Texas who recently requested 1,500 "Homosexuality: The Truth" brochures so that his church could begin lit dropping their city. Knowing Pastor Hickam as I do, that will not be the last mailing of WCU lit to him. Likewise, we were thrilled to provide 1,000 WCU brochures to Pastor Grant Storms of New Orleans, Louisiana. Over the Labor Day weekend, Pastor Storms led 400 singing, preaching Christians right into the heart of the Southern Decadence sodomite carnival. As they stormed those portals of hell, the Christians handed out WCU's "Homosexuality: The Truth." Pastor Lonnie Pursiful has found time to distribute 1,000 WCU tracts in his part of the state of Utah. Missionary Denny Green took 1,000 tracts to hand out at several sodomite "Christian" events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Lynchburg, Virginia. Missionary Mark Gabriel continues to lit drop homes and distribute literature at government schools in the Fox River Valley region. Pastor Gary Koljonen and the Jonathan Martin family handed out WCU brochures at a "Freedom from Sodomy/Freedom in Christ" booth at the Montana State Fair. A family in Missouri recently lit dropped 3,000 of their neighbors' homes with WCU brochures. A brother in Rock County continues to lit drop thousands of homes every several months. A husband and wife team in Milwaukee are saturating a large area with WCU lit. Praise God, the list of truth bearers goes on and on and is constantly growing! 

  It is WCU's goal to get the TRUTH about homosexuality out to as many people in Wisconsin and around our nation as possible. We supply free of charge both large and small quantities of literature to individuals for distribution. Our only requirement is that those whom we do not know supply us with the name of their pastor and church. Slowly but surely, what began as a trickle of truth is turning into a floodtide which is beginning to sweep away the lies of New Sodom. At this crucial time, we need to reprint much more literature. 

  We want to encourage those reading this newsletter to pray and work to turn back the sodomite offensive which threatens to destroy every last vestige of public decency and every last shred of personal liberty. Our thanks to those who will help with that need, with financial gifts, prayer, and labor.

WCU conducted literature drops to homes in the following towns and cities: 
Boscobel, Columbus, Adams-Friendship, Watertown, Marshall, Waterloo, Tomah, Jefferson, Black Earth, Mazomanie, Beloit, Milwaukee, Reedsburg, Menomonie; and St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

WCU supplied lit for others to distribute in the following places: 
Wisconsin: Waukesha, Viroqua, Bay View, Janesville and Rock County, Palmyra, Eau Claire, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Mt. Horeb, Mukwonago, Portage, Saukville, West Allis, Fox River Valley, Wauwatosa, Waukesha, Oxford, Brandon.

Other States: Dayton, Ohio; Great Falls, Montana; Indianapolis, Indiana; San Diego, California; Penns Grove, New Jersey; Pottstown, Pennsylvania; Metairie, Louisiana; Lynchburg, Virginia; Omaha, Nebraska; Amarillo, Texas; Falls Church, Virginia; Columbia, South Carolina; Duchesne, Utah; Milo, Missouri; Collegeville, Pennsylvania; Central Iowa; Petersburg, Virginia.

Other Nations: Glasgow, Scotland; Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland.

WCU conducted pickets in the following towns and cities: 
Boscobel, Madison, (three pickets on different days), Waterloo, Tomah, Monroe, Juda, Brodhead, Orfordville, Black Earth, Jefferson, Reedsburg; St. Louis Park, Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A Couple of Items of Interest
lWe continue to see the fascist heart of the sodomite movement. Among threats received at our office this month was one by a woman who told us she was going to build a concentration camp just for us!

lAfter the town of Marshall was lit dropped, a police lieutenant called, threatening bogus "trespass charges" and demanding that I apologize to an offended citizen. The request was denied, and no charges were filed.

lOn August 12, Mike Foht and several other men decided to do a prophetic picket on the public road past the Camp McCoy army base. MPs swooped in, detained them, and informed them that they were liable for federal charges even though the road was public and there were no signs banning civilians from the area! Fortunately, Mike and Co. were eventually released without charges. The bright spot in the whole situation came when an MP told Mike that "we" do not want sodomites in the armed forces.

lA picket in Jefferson with "anti-homosexual" signs received a rousingly good response. In fact, that definitely appears to be the trend for such pickets. One elderly gentleman in Jefferson not only stopped to thank the picketers but also called WCU's office to do the same! WCU received many calls, both good and bad, during the period reported on by this newsletter. We were able to encourage and better equip the former in many instances, while sharing the gospel with the latter. By God's grace, we are seeing strongholds being pulled down. His truth goes marching on!

A Righteous Rain on the Madison Pridefest
  On July 20, a contingent of Christians with WCU set up signs and banners directly across the street from a large crowd of sodomites who had gathered in front of the steps of the state capitol in Madison to hear State Representative Mark Pocan and other such "celebrities" extol the virtues of sodomy. For at least twenty minutes, we preached the whole counsel of God through a truth horn to that captive audience which, granted, did turn a bit restive at times. Finally, the police shut us down because we did not have an amplification permit; so we reverted back to preaching with our natural voices.

parade1.jpg (15625 bytes)
Bold Christians lead the sodomite parade in Madison.

parade5.jpg (11110 bytes)
No sodomite went home without hearing the Word of God!

parade2.jpg (20461 bytes)
One-on-one evangelism.

  During his message to the crowd, Representative Pocan made a few of his usual snide remarks about me. At one point, speaking about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence v. Texas, Sodom's favorite Wisconsin son stated, "We consider Justice Scalia the Ralph Ovadal of the Supreme Court."

parade3.jpg (21137 bytes)
Fundamentalist pastor v. apostate she-wolf.

parade4.jpg (18739 bytes)
The heirs of Sodom try in vain to block the preaching.

parade6.jpg (10748 bytes)
His preaching is as bold as his shirt!

  After the speakers finished, the sodomites lined up for their parade around the square and down West Washington Avenue. Their floats included a wagon with barely dressed "masters" pulled by a group of barely dressed "slaves." During a substantial part of the parade, several "bold as a lion" Christians led it, holding gospel banners high. They were finally kicked out by police. We set up our signs and banners along the parade route. We preached with our truth horn and had the opportunity to not only dodge some thrown items, but to also share the gospel during some one-on-one encounters. It was obvious that the Lord richly blessed our ministry just as it was obvious that the sodomites were extremely frustrated to have righteousness rain on their parade.

Episcopalian General Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota

A WCU welcome to the Episcopalian General Convention.

  On August 1-2, Mike Foht led a contingent of Christians with WCU to witness in front of the Episcopalian General Convention in Minneapolis. Of course, everyone but Rip van Winkle knows the outcome of that convention in confirming the election of an open sodomite as bishop in the state of New Hampshire. WCU held banners and signs, while also handing out literature and doing some preaching. In spite of a near death experience at the hands of several profanity-spewing, angry amazons from the infamous Pastor Fred Phelps's Westboro Baptist Church, Mike Foht and those he led did get some very positive encouragement from sorrowful Episcopalians who took WCU literature. Mike was also confronted by the wolf Bishop Gene Robinson himself. Suffice it to say, Robinson was not wearing his kind, gentle, television persona; and the fur flew!

The question is, Why did they come in the first place?
  On August 7, the AIDS Ride came to Green County. My church is located close to the center of that county. The AIDS Ride has a very high percentage of sodomites involved, and virtually everyone else riding is very pro-sodomite. Of course, a portion of the money raised in that event goes to teach young people how to "safely" engage in fornication with strange flesh (Jude 7). For two straight days, members of our church ministered to the riders as they laboriously wended their way along Green County back roads. 

AIDS Ride.jpg (12021 bytes)
An unexpected blast of gospel truth on a Green County back road.

  Our first meeting took place a few miles from the western boundary of Green County near Browntown, which was the ride's entry point into our county. We set up our signs and banners on a little country road between a large corn field and a woods. The riders were shocked as they came over a hill in small groups about a half of a mile from us and were greeted with the amplified preaching of God's Word along with banners bearing the same, including biblical messages about homosexual acts. It was, beyond question, a very unique setting. After some time, several car loads of sodomites and their friends came to try to harass us, but from a distance. They seemed a bit intimidated by the surroundings. Then three squad cars bearing Green County sheriff's deputies showed up. Our opponents, mostly quite young and very urban looking, ran to the officers and confidently asked them to get rid of us. They quickly found out that they were not in New York City or San Francisco--or for that matter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin! We continued to preach to those who were peddling for perversion with the added benefit of being able to have some of Green County's finest in the congregation. Later, we leap frogged ahead and hit some of the same riders again as they were nearing Monroe. 

  The next morning, we were up bright and early with our signs and banners set up on the public sidewalk in front of the Monroe High School. (All along the AIDS Ride, government schools were opened up so that the riders could stay, eat, and shower in them.) For several hours, we preached to bunches of jeering, gyrating sodomites until the last of the riders had hit the trail for the trip to their first rest stop of the day in Juda. 

  While in Monroe, a sodomite loudly shouted a very sexually explicit comment and a filthy sexual offer to me. This was done by the sodomite as he stood on high school property in front of a number of people, including my daughters. Currently, the Green County D.A. is refusing to prosecute the pervert. He has instead investigated me! The reasons D.A. Luhman has in writing given for this include that I should expect such things to happen, given who I am. So apparently, the D.A. has signaled to the God-haters that it is open season on my church and me! In his letter, Luhman also spends much ink on the fact that several years ago, I led a successful effort to defeat his office's attempt to get the first-ever hate crime conviction in Green County! 

  After we were done at the Monroe High School, we leap frogged past the bike riders, who were always strung out for miles, and then set up twice more to preach to them in the open countryside. Then we hit them again at their rest spot, the Juda High School. That set the pattern for the rest of the day. We followed the riders right through the width of Green County. We hit them in every town and several times in-between every town. By the end of the day, as the riders left Green County, all their elitist smirks were gone; and a number were emitting guttural, wordless screams as we drove past them or they peddled past our set ups. We noticed many were taking almost no time at rest stops. In the end, their main focus seemed to be to get out of Green County. At the same time, when they would see us set up and waiting for them ahead along the road, they would often stop and ride in small circles in the road as if trying to work up the courage to come past us. 

  A very pro-sodomite news reporter participating in the AIDS Ride made it a point on the nightly news to say, "Remember, this ride is not about lifestyles; it is about saving lives." This, of course, was problematic for the AIDS Ride organizers since they want everyone to believe that sodomites are born that way, and they do not want to talk about sodomy in connection to AIDS when doing such a public event. Apparently, the pressure got to the reporter. The same man said to me as he passed at one point, "Ralph, remember, no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper." 

  As the riders passed us the last time on the second day, just over the eastern boundary of Green County, I thanked them over our amplified sound system for coming to our neck of the woods so that we could preach to them. All together, we confronted the riders with God's Word in all five towns they went through. We also hit them nine more times in the countryside as they were laboring along on lonely country roads where normally the only ears that would have heard our preaching were on stalks of corn. On average, the riders had to listen to us preach for anywhere from a third to a half of a mile each time. We have great hope that the Lord will use that two days of ministry to bring someone to Christ and to help spread the word that Green County, Wisconsin is not "open and affirming" when it comes to the promotion of homosexual acts.

  With regard to our first great hope, in Juda, Wisconsin, two sarcastic sixteen-year-old boys, unassociated with the ride, confronted me with a barrage of questions about God, the Bible, and homosexuality. We ended up talking together for about twenty minutes. We covered creation, God's law, sin, righteousness, judgment, heaven, hell, and the good news of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. In the end, both teenagers were listening intently, and we could see God working on their consciences and in their minds. The young man who had been the most arrogant was silently raising his hand whenever he had a question. Later when it was over, my daughters, who were present, and I all agreed that the Spirit of the Lord had worked powerfully through His Word on the hearts of those two young men for whom God had filled our hearts with love. After they left, we prayed fervently that they would become new creatures in Christ. God is good to allow and enable us to share the gospel with the lost. It is such a blessing to do so.

Tammy, Tammy, Tammy, will you ever repent 
and turn to Christ?

  On August 27, Congresslesbian Tammy Baldwin returned to Monroe for a town hall meeting. As usual, my church was on hand with banners, signs, and literature. We have become the "offscouring of all things" to the predominantly elderly crowd who are more than happy to trade away their children and grandchildren's future, safety, and happiness for government perks dished out by an open lesbian whose politics are of the red variety. This time around, I had one of my young men confront Tammy and preach to her when she arrived. I do hope that Tammy did not feel neglected, as I have been preaching to her for many years; but we need to train the next generation.

Three Trips to Mazo Beach 
  On July 26, August 9, and August 30, WCU conducted ministry on the parking lot and walk way leading to Mazo Beach. We had a good turnout each time with the best being on August 30 when over eighty Christians lined our gospel gauntlet to the beach. On that day, we also had six brothers, including two pastors, and one sister on hand from the United Kingdom. Our U.K. brethren were greatly impressed with the freedom we still have in this country and the eagerness with which some Christians still exercise it for the glory of God! During the three Mazo ministry events, several children were rescued from being taken to the beach when their adult escorts were turned away by Christians confronting them with the Word of God. On August 30, a young man headed for the beach repented of his sins, placed his faith in Christ, and publicly prayed to be saved!

mazo.jpg (21295 bytes)
The start of WCU's gospel gauntlet at Mazo Beach.

WCU Pro-Life Pickets in Reedsburg, Black Earth 
  Although WCU's main focus by far is confronting and contending with the lies of New Sodom, WCU does sponsor some ministry events with a different focus, such as a pro-life picket in a different town in south-central Wisconsin once per month. On July 12, we were in Reedsburg where we ended up fighting a successful battle to keep from being run out of town by several crude individuals backed up by the police. On August 9 in Black Earth, the local police were joined by a group of Dane County sheriff's deputies. The two police forces used every unconstitutional trick in the book to sweep the area clean of our pro-life witness, but again to no avail. Thanks be to God.

Two Overpass Pickets in Madison, One Federal Lawsuit
  Things turned out differently for us in Madison, Wisconsin on September 2. We began our ministry outing by putting up a gospel banner in front of the state capitol. While preachers, including several from the United Kingdom, took turns sharing the gospel, others in our group handed out a large number of gospel tracts. 

Madison 1.jpg (16453 bytes)
Pastor David Carson of Chester, England preaches on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin.

Madison 2.jpg (10211 bytes)
Pay dirt! Brother Tony Couppee spent an hour sharing the Scriptures with this young man.

Open-air ministry in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol.

  After that open-air witness, we headed for a pedestrian overpass on the West Beltline. There, within the caged walkway over the highway, we unfurled two sixteen-foot banners reading, "Homosexuality is sin." We faced the banners toward the approaching traffic on each side of the medium strip. By each banner, we also held a smaller sign. One read, "Christ can set you free"; the other read, "Repent ye, and believe the gospel." (This was the second of two such overpass pickets which we did in Madison within the past few months.) We were greatly encouraged by the predominately positive response from motorists in that sodomite stronghold. Some smiling drivers thrust their arms out their windows with their fingers in the "V" for victory sign! This is a new twist. Apparently, more citizens are realizing that the sodomites are waging war against law and liberty. The encouraging thing is that those citizens signaled not only the realization that there is a battle to be fought against New Sodom, but also their desire to see victory in that battle! 

  However, Satan is not one to give up so quickly and provoked the powers that be in Madison to send a bevy of police officers who, under the color of "public safety" and on behalf of several "disgruntled citizens," removed us from the bridge under threat of imprisonment after quite a long war of words. In such cases, once the police have placed their feet squarely in their mouths and arrest is imminent, it is always best for those litigating the case for us to leave under threat of arrest rather than to actually be arrested. The word from the police is that the Dane County D.A. was behind the police action. That is the same office which has said in court that I was "threatening" an individual whom I warned of hell while sharing the gospel. It is the same office which fined me $1,000 for preaching the whole counsel of God on the parking lot of the Mazo nude beach (under appeal). It is the same office, which in 1996, let a sodomite off the hook after the police had charged him with the serious crime of substantial battery for knocking me unconscious while I was handing out gospel tracts. It is the same office we will soon see in federal court! As I told the police, we will be back on that bridge.


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