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Fort Putnam thumbnail image- click for close-up view Fort Putnam:
Fort Putnam was one of many forts at West Point during the American Revolution. Built in 1778 by Colonel Rufus Putnam's 5th Massachusetts Regiment, it was the key fortification in the interlocking network of forts and redoubts making up West Point's defenses. From this site, the Plain and approaches to the Great Chain could be protected. Originally a wood and earthen redoubt, Fort Putnam evolved into a stone fortification which stands today after restoration during the American Revolution Bicentennial in the 1970s. Exhibits in the West Point Museum fully explain Fortress West Point's crucial role in our War for Independence.

There is no charge to visit the fort, from which you can see most of West Point and the surrounding Hudson River Valley. The fort is only open for limited hours between May and September each year. Contact the West Point Museum at (914) 938-2203/3590 for available hours.