Linking to us? Let us know and we'll send you a usable form of this graphic. Thanks!No. 4 Kodak Camera, 1890-1897

Detail from an instruction manual for the No. 4 Bulls-Eye Kodak Camera, circa 1899

Italian- or French-made Wooden Detective Camera, 1880s

Antique Camera Collection home page Wilkin-Welsh Folding Plate Camera, circa 1900
George Eastman on the Cover of System Magazine, 1927 George Eastman Archive home page George Eastman First Day Cover, 1954
Advertisement for Seven New Kodaks, 1891 Photographic Advertisements home page Advertisement for the Photoret Watch Camera, 1894
Woman Photographer on the Cover of Camera Craft Magazine, 1904 Photographic Ephemera home page Detail from an advertising brochure for the [satchel-style] Folding Kodak Cameras, 1893
The Kodak Candle Darkroom Lamp and Original Box, early-1900s Darkroom Items & Photo Accessories home page Eastman Kodak No. 2 Dark Room Lamp and Original Box, circa 1910

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End flap detail from a Kodak No. 2 Brownie Camera box, circa 1910

Left: Eastman Kodak No. 00 Cartridge Premo Camera, 1916-1922; Right: Waterbury Improved Detective Camera, 1892
The smallest and largest cameras in the Collection

Detail from a 1903 ad for the Bausch and Lomb Plastigmat lens


"...there is no more delightful and refined pursuit than the making of pictures by photography. 
The aesthetic element in it lightens the burdens of life and sweetens existence here below for those who appreciate it rightly..."

--excerpt from 'Library of Amateur Photography', Vol. 1,
1911, American School of Art & Photography, Scranton, PA

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