October 06, 2003

Bruce Schneier's "Beyond Fear"

book_beyondfear.jpgBruce Schneier's new book Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly about Security in an Uncertain World is extremely useful to lawyers whose work involves security issues from time to time. Schneier makes the case that much, perhaps most contemporary thinking on security is confused and ineffective.

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Schneier's 2000 book, "Secrets and Lies" was his first in which he described digital security as an imperfect process rather than a bundle of products. He delayed the completion of that book by two years until able to close it with the perspective that reasonable (not perfect) security is possible with the right security processes.

In Secrets & Lies, he provides specific and practical guidance to maximizing the security you can obtain in your digital environment. This latest work may be a further development of his thinking in Secrets and Lies. More info about the earlier work is the subject of a posting at eLawyerBlog.org:

Doug Simpson

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