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Greg Gorden

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Scourge Unending (Earthdawn) (2003) Living Room Games Author
Blood of Heroes: Gamemaster Screen (2001) Pulsar Games Inc. Original Game Design
Earthdawn Companion, 2nd Ed. (2001) Living Room Games Author
Earthdawn, 2nd Ed. (2001) Living Room Games Original Game Concept
Marshal's Handbook, Revised Ed. (Deadlands: The Weird West) (2001) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Additional Development
Blood of Heroes: Special Edition (2000) Pulsar Games Inc. Original Game Design
Blood of Heroes, The (1998) Pulsar Games Inc. Original Game Design
Deadlands: The Weird West (1996) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Additional Development
Jedi Academy Sourcebook, The (Star Wars (d6)) (1996) West End Games Additional Design
Star Wars Roleplaying Game, 2nd Ed. Revised and Expanded (Star Wars (d6)) (1996) West End Games Original Design
Tales of the Jedi Companion (Star Wars (d6)) (1996) West End Games Original Design
Horrors (Earthdawn) (1995) FASA Corporation Author
Earthdawn Companion (1994) FASA Corporation Design
Imperial Sourcebook, 2nd Ed. (Star Wars (d6)) (1994) West End Games Design
DC Heroes Role-Playing Game, 3rd Ed. (1993) Mayfair Games Inc. Design
Earthdawn (1993) FASA Corporation Design
Earthdawn (1993) FASA Corporation Concepts
Earthdawn Gamemaster Pack (1993) FASA Corporation Design
Star Wars Roleplaying Game, 2nd Ed. (Star Wars (d6)) (1992) West End Games Additional Design
Star Wars Roleplaying Game, 2nd Ed. (Star Wars (d6)) (1992) West End Games Original Design
Superman: The Man of Steel Sourcebook (DC Heroes) (1992) Mayfair Games Inc. Additional Material
Tharkold (Torg) (1992) West End Games Developer
Tharkold (Torg) (1992) West End Games Design
Tharkold (Torg) (1992) West End Games Editing
Cyberpapacy, The (Torg) (1991) West End Games Development and Editing
Cyberpapacy, The (Torg) (1991) West End Games Design Contribution
Orrorsh (Torg) (1991) West End Games Development and Editing
Orrorsh (Torg) (1991) West End Games Additional Material
Space Gods (Torg) (1991) West End Games Development and Editing
Space Gods (Torg) (1991) West End Games Design
Atlas of the DC Universe, The (DC Heroes) (1990) Mayfair Games Inc. Additional Material
Aysle (Torg) (1990) West End Games Development and Editing
Aysle (Torg) (1990) West End Games Design
Nile Empire, The (Torg) (1990) West End Games Developer
Torg (1990) West End Games Concept and Design
Castle Greyhawk (1988) TSR, Inc. Author
Citybook III - Deadly Nightside (Catalyst) (1987) Flying Buffalo Author
Citybook II - Port o' Call (Catalyst) (1984) Flying Buffalo Author
Monsters of Myth and Legend (Role Aids) (1984) Mayfair Games Inc. Author
James Bond 007 (1983) Victory Games System Developer
Q Manual (James Bond 007) (1983) Victory Games Design
Fiction Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Prophecy (Earthdawn) (1994) Roc Author
Short Story Credits:
Story Credit
"Of Blood and Time" (Earthdawn) in Talisman Author

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