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Christopher Kubasik

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Earthdawn Companion, 2nd Ed. (2001) Living Room Games Author
Earthdawn, 2nd Ed. (2001) Living Room Games Original Game Concept
Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook, Special Edition (Star Wars (d6)) (1997) West End Games Original Design
Target: UCAS (Shadowrun) (1997) FASA Corporation Original Background Material
Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin and Bespin, Revised Ed. (Star Wars (d6)) (1995) West End Games Design
Bug City (Shadowrun) (1994) FASA Corporation Author
Earthdawn Companion (1994) FASA Corporation Additional Material
Barsaive (Earthdawn) (1993) FASA Corporation Author
Denizens of Diannor (Role Aids) (1993) Mayfair Games Inc. Editing
Earthdawn (1993) FASA Corporation Additional Material
Earthdawn (1993) FASA Corporation Concepts
Fully Strapped, Always Packed: Gats and Gear from the Underground (1993) Mayfair Games Inc. Additional Editing
Streets Tell Stories (Underground) (1993) Mayfair Games Inc. Design
Grimoire, 2nd Ed. (Shadowrun) (1992) FASA Corporation Additional Material
Cracken's Rebel Field Guide (Star Wars (d6)) (1991) West End Games Author
Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America (Shadowrun) (1991) FASA Corporation Author
Orrorsh (Torg) (1991) West End Games Design
Tome of Magic (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1991) TSR, Inc. Design
Virtual Realities (Shadowrun) (1991) FASA Corporation Author
Destiny Map (Torg) (1990) West End Games Design
Draconomicon (Forgotten Realms) (1990) TSR, Inc. Adventure Design
Living Land, The (Torg) (1990) West End Games Design
Torg (1990) West End Games Additional Material
Magazine Article Credits:
Article Credit
"Interactive Toolkit 1: Simulation or Story?" in White Wolf Inphobia #51 Author
"Interactive Toolkit 2: Why Do Modules Suck?" in White Wolf Inphobia #52 Author
"Interactive Toolkit 3: Character, Character, Character" in White Wolf Inphobia #53 Author
"Interactive Toolkit 4: Running Story Entertainments" in White Wolf Inphobia #54 Author
"Love" in White Wolf Magazine #29 (Oct/Nov 1991) Author
Fiction Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Mother Speaks (Earthdawn) (1994) Roc Author
Poisoned Memories (Earthdawn) (1994) Roc Author
Longing Ring, The (Earthdawn) (1993) Roc Author
Changeling (Shadowrun) (1992) Roc Author
Short Story Credits:
Story Credit
"Before Life Ends" (Earthdawn) in Talisman Author
"Dreaming Eyes of Wonder" (Changeling: The Dreaming) in Splendour Falls, The Author

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