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Broughton & Blackfriars

 street scene in Chapel Street, Salford

The majority of the area is currently the focus of the City’s SRB 2 regeneration programme in partnership with Manchester City Council under the Cheetham & Broughton Initiative which runs until March 2003. The area is now designated a Priority Area for Regeneration by the City Council requiring major change and continued investment to tackle the deep rooted problems which exist, particularly in the Broughton area. A major study is now underway to determine the long-term vision for the area.

Significant opportunities exist in the Blackfriars area with the Chapel Street Initiative attracting substantial private sector interest and investment. Chapel Street itself is an important gateway to the Regional Centre and is being transformed into a thriving employment and business corridor. A major employment and cultural centre also exists in the Cambridge Industrial Area which is being consolidated and improved.

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