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As Sam Harbison writes in his book Modula-3,

Modula-3 is a member of the Pascal family of languages. Designed in the late 1980s at Digital Equipment Corporation and Olivetti, Modula-3 corrects many of the deficiencies of Pascal and Modula-2 for practical software engineering. In particular, Modula-3 keeps the simplicity of type safety of the earlier languages, while providing new facilities for exception handling, concurrency, object-oriented programming, and automatic garbage collection. Modula-3 is both a practical implementation language for large software projects and an excellent teaching language.
New items:

New! PM3-1.1.11 -- a free Modula-3 distribution (with support for LINUX libc6)
New! bugs and patches for SRC Modula-3 release 3.6

Answers to frequently asked questions, introductory articles, tutorials, and examples:

Modula-3 implementations:

Note: Perhaps the easiest way to get started using Modula-3 is to download and install Critical Mass Modula-3, a trial version of which is available for free for 30 days. As opposed to SRC Modula-3, the Critical Mass Modula-3 compiler is distributed in binary form, so the bootstrapping process is easier. Once you've installed the Critical Mass Modula-3 compiler, you can download SRC Modula-3 and skip the initial bootstrapping instructions. Once you've built the SRC Modula-3 libraries, you can delete your trial version of Critical Mass Modula-3.


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Contributed Modula-3 utilities: Modula-3 Users Group Meetings:

The Modula-3 information web is rapidly evolving. Please post bug reports and improvements to the Modula-3 newsgroup, comp.lang.modula3.
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