by Mark Craig
[The Rose #58, February 1999]

End of Evangelion is undoubtedly the most twisted, screwy, messed up ending to any series I have ever seen. And this CD is suitably haunting as it fits the mood of the movie perfectly. The back cover of the CD is pretty much a dead giveaway as to how End turns out. The one vocal track on this CD is Track 8 "Thanatos - If I Can't Be Yours," which appeared at the end of the first half of End of Evangelion.

My favorites are the two choral tracks, Track 3 and 9, which are essentially the same, except 9 has some background chords. Given the sequence these two tracks appear in the movie, they are simply creepy. I also like Track 13, which appears in the last half of the movie. It's an interesting combination of celebration and sadness. In all, this is a well-done CD and a vital addition to any Evangelion fan's collection (and no "Fly Me to the Moon"!).

Son May GGG-043, 14 tracks, 57:12 minutes.