First Generation

?? John WEBB (1683-c. 1725) married to a woman named Sarah who died after 1725.

Second Generation

John WEBB II christened 20 Apr 1694 St. Peter's Parish, VA; died 1736. Will made 27 Apr 1736 Henrico Co., VA, proved July 1736. He married to a woman named Hannah. Her surname was possibly Carter, the daughter of Theodorick Carter (1669-1737) Henrico Co., VA.

Third Generation

The children of John Webb and Hannah included:

(1) John WEBB III born circa 1715 Amherst Co., VA. He married either a woman named Ursula or Martha Carter.

(2) James WEBB born circa 1717. He married to a woman named Nancy and to Mrs. Ann Hoggatt Dabbs.

(3) Giles WEBB born circa 1720.

(4) Theodorick WEBB born 1723; died circa 1793 Franklin Co., VA. Will proved Feb 1794. He married first 1747 to Mrs. Mary Webb, widow of Wentworth Webb. He married next circa 1755 to Mrs. Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

(5) Henry WEBB born 1722-27. He married to a woman named Elizabeth and is believed to have gone to Prince William Co., VA.

(6) Jacob WEBB born 1730. He died circa after 1788 in Franklin Co., VA. He married to Mary "Mollie" Austin, possibly the daughter of John Austin of New Kent, St. Peter's Parish whose daughter Mary was born 4 Nov 1723.

(7) Cuthbert WEBB born 1733. He made his will 11 Jun 1771 and died 1778 Albemarle Co., VA. He married probably in Henrico Co., VA to Mary Burton (?).

Fourth Generation

The children of Jacob Webb and Mary Austin included:

(1) James WEBB who acquired 240 acres on the Blackwater River, Franklin Co., VA in 1787. In 1796 he sold 100 acres, in 1803 he sold another 170 acres and in 1805 an additional 80 acres all of which were on the Blackwater River. He married probably as a second wife a woman named Lucy who appeared on the 1810 and 1820 census records of Sugar Creek, Greene Co., OH as head of household. James died about 1808 in Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., OH.

(2) Henry "Hal" WEBB was born circa 1750 possibly in Franklin Co., VA. In 1782 he settled in what is now Carroll Co., VA on 80 acres of land on the branch which runs into Big Reed Island Creek. In 1798 he bought 120 acres on Little Snake Creek while selling his previously held land. He died circa 1845 in Grayson Co., VA. He married to a woman named Susannah COX or COCK.

Fifth Generation

The children of James Webb included:

(1) Hannah WEBB born about 1780. Her marriage bond was dated 18 Aug 1800 Franklin Co., VA when she married to Isaac MILLER (1781-1813), the son of Elder Jacob Miller and his wife Barbara. They settled in Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., OH by 1803. Hannah moved to Indiana after her husband was killed in 1813.

(2) Isham WEBB born about 1783; died 24 Oct 1853, age 70 years, Marion Co., OR. He left Ohio and moved to Indiana, Iowa and by 1847 was in Oregon. He is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery, near Parkersville, OR. He married 30 Mar 1820 Franklin Co., IN to Mary HUSTON. Their children were Nancy, James, Thomas, John, Andrew, Joseph, Henry, Washington, Allen, Mary and Adalaide Webb.

(3) Mary "Polly" WEBB was born circa 1785 probably in Franklin Co., VA. She died 4 Jun 1818 Union Co., IN and is buried in the Witters Cemetery, Center Twp., Union Co., IN. She married 7 Feb 1805 Greene Co., OH to Martin KINGERY (1775-1865), the son of Jacob and Franky Kingery. Martin Kingery served as the administrator of the estate of James Webb along with his widow Lucy in 1808. Martin entered land in 1809 in Union Co., IN and again in 1814 in Franklin Co., IN. He appears in the 1820 Franklin Co., IN census. By 1830 they had moved to Union Co., IN where Martin died in 1865.

(4) Austin WEBB was born 15 Oct 1786 VA. He married 14 Feb 1811 Montgomery Co., OH to Elizabeth WEBB (1791-1848), the daughter of Cuthbert Webb and Mary JARRELL. He died 12 May 1859 and is buried in the Fallis Cemetery, Greene Co., OH. His will was recorded 4 Jun 1859 Greene Co., OH. Their children included: Henry, John, Andrew, Austin, Allen, George, James, Mary, Lucy, William, Theodore, and Clarissa Webb.

(5) James WEBB Jr. was born 11 Aug 1789 Franklin Co., VA. He was drafted Aug 1812 at Xenia, Greene Co., IN. Private in the company of Capt. Ammis Malby the first regiment of the Ohio Militia. 1854 bounty land application made at Franklin Co., IN. Will made 18 Dec 1851, recorded 7 Dec 1857. Died 20 Aug 1857 Bloomington, Franklin Co., IN. He married 24 Dec 1812 Greene Co., OH to Elizabeth SMITH born circa 1792 NJ. Their children were: John, Austin, Benjamin Franklin, Mary, James, and Rev. Thomas S. Webb.

(6) Henry WEBB was born about 1793. He married 4 Feb 1813 Preble Co., OH to Clarissa Webb who was possibly the widow of Adrian Webb. His will was recorded 20 Feb 1818 and mentions only his "wife and all my children." Witnesses were Austin Webb and Michael Kingery. His children included Henry, James, Isham, and Mary Webb.

(7) Lucy WEBB was born circa 1802. She married 31 Dec 1822 Greene Co., OH to Jonathan SWADNER (1797-1835).

(8) Valentine WEBB of Franklin Co., IN married to ladies named Elizabeth and Ann.

(9) Barbary WEBB married before 1832 to Henry SHANK.

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Other Online Webb Descendants:

Tom Buchanan descends from Jacob Webb and Mary Austin through their son Henry "Hal" Webb.
See his web site at http://pages.preferred.com/~buchanan/index.html.

Christine Sharp Mollahan descends from James and Lucy Webb through their son Isham Webb.

Mary Alice Shulman descends from James and Lucy Webb through their daughter Mary who married Martin Kingery.

Cheska Wheatley also descends from James and Lucy Webb through their daughter Mary who married Martin Kingery.

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