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POPOLO : September 2004
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Member Ranking
Q1) Before the concert, who can eat the most?
2 votes for Aiba
1 vote for Ohno
1 vote for Ninomiya

For question no.1 "Who can eat the most before the concert", there were 2 votes for Aiba san.

Aiba I don't think so but it might because I always eat. I eat during the concert, I eat breakfast too. And if there will be the 2nd round of the concert in the same day, I will also eat during the break
Sakurai But I always have a image of Ohno-kun eating something. He will put ketchup or mayonnaise or cheese in the bread and he will make toasted bread and eat that. Sometimes he will make that for me too

I just feel like to prepare that for Sho-kun


You're so kind (laugh)

Matsumoto That's tickling (laugh) (Jun-kun..... ha ha ha~)
Sakurai But that always happen only when we have a concert at Osaka castle hall. Have you ever wonder why?
Ohno Like you said, I also only do this in Osaka castle hall
Matsumoto That might be because it's easy to find the toaster there
Ninomiya That's right. In Tokyo, toaster is somewhere so far from where we are

So that's why the morning in Osaka castle hall begins with Ohno-kun's toasted bread

Popolo Why do you prepare the bread to only Sakurai san?
Ohno Cause he will be the most happy
Matsumoto But I think even I will be happy too! (kawaii na~ you also loved being pampered deshou? Jun-kun!)
Everyone laughed
Sakurai Also, I have the image of Matsujun eating a cup noodle

Me too, me too!

Matsumoto I really like noodles. During the concert, I just eat noodles and bananas
Q2) Before the concert, who is the most excited member?
3 votes for Matsumoto
2 votes for Aiba
Popolo For question no.2 "Before the concert, who is the most excited member?", there are 3 votes for Matsumoto san
Matsumoto I am actually excited. To be exactly, I'm so excited that it seems my body would torn down (laugh)
Sakurai I always see Matsujun stretch his body during the preparation before the concert a lot. But he doesn't say something like "Gosh, I feel so excited", it is just about his gesture
Ninomiya Yeah, he also practice his voice by uttering "Ah! Ah!" and that can tells about his excitement obviously
Matsumoto I voted for Aiba-chan
Sakurai I also think that Aiba-chan is so excited on the first day of the concert. He'd say "I will surely make a mistake on stage" and he really did (laugh)
Matsumoto And he will be excited especially when we change some point just not so long ago before the concert
Aiba I've already remembered the part. So when there is the change, I'd get frustrated (laugh)!
Q3) Who give the opinion the most about the setting and the style of the stage?
5 votes for Matsumoto
Popolo For the 3rd question, everyone voted for Matsumoto san
Ninomiya When we have the meeting, Jun-kun always talks about his idea
Aiba That's why we haven't heard other people's voice (laugh)
Sakurai It will become worst when you have to sit near Nino or Ohno-kun, cause they will start the meeting on Omiya SK....(laugh)

But if comparing with the past, now everybody has joined more than before. Aiba-chan gives his opinion too but the problem is most of the opinions can't really apply to the real thing at last (laugh)


Cause what's Aiba san said has too big scale (laugh)

Q4) Before the concert, who is the most quiet member?
2 votes for Ninomiya
1 vote for Ohno
1 vote for Matsumoto
1 vote for 'NOBODY is quiet'


The most quiet member before the concert is Ninomiya san

Sakurai I voted for him
Ohno I also voted for him. He's quiet cause he just concentrates on his game. And he changes his cloth very fast. And when he finished changing, he will play his game again
Sakurai That's really strange!
Ninomiya You guys are excited, don't you. You saw me play my game until 5 minutes before the concert started, then there I am on stage with you.... right (laugh)
Q5) Before the concert, who is a member with highest spirit?
2 votes for Ohno
1 vote for Sakurai
1 vote for Aiba
1 vote for 'EVERYBODY has high tension'
Popolo The 5th question "Before the concert, who is member with highest spirit?", Ohno san got 2 votes
Matsumoto Cause Ohno-kun always dances before the concert
Ohno I always walks around, jumps up and down cause that are my ways of stretching my body
Matsumoto You look like you're doing some ceremony of a hill tribe (laugh)
Aiba But you don't do this every time right?
Ohno Just do that only the time I feel high tension
Ninomiya So in conclusion, if we see Leader dancing, it's a precious moment!
Q6) During the concert, who changes cloth the fastest?
3 votes for Matsumoto
1 vote for Ohno
1 vote for EVERYONE except Ninomiya and Aiba
Popolo The next question number 6th, who changes cloth the fastest during the concert, Matsumoto san got 3 votes
Aiba When we were changing clothes, and looked beside, Matsumoto san would already finished and was in the hair fixing session
Sakurai Cause he spent more time with his hair than his cloth. There were a lot of time that he went out from the dressing room after all of us (laugh)
Matsumoto I am a guy who spend more time doing other thing than changing cloth (laugh). From my point of view, I think Nino and Aiba-chan always change cloth without hurrying. I don't mean that they are slow, but it's just so leisurely
Aiba I just spend the cloth changing time for that purpose only
Q7) During the concert, who sweat the most?
2 votes for Ohno
1 vote for Aiba
1 vote for EVERYONE sweats
Popolo During the concert, the member who sweat the most is Ohno san
Ohno That's so true. I sweat right after the opening
Sakurai You sweat since when we round up before the concert begins (laugh)
Ohno I sweat at the round up because that thick cloth I was wearing. But again, getting all sweaty since the first song on stage is quite embarrassing
Matsumoto Ohno-kun, I don't know before that you think it's embarrassing...
Ohno You guys all look great at the opening so I thought "why I have to sweat like this. I look like a fool". I was shy, sometimes I didn't look at the fans at all
Ninomiya Why do you think like that? You tried hard so you sweat. And that's cause you're moving around in front of thousand of people (Nino .... what a sweet talk!! ^-^)
Q8) During the concert, who runs a lot?
4 votes for Aiba
1 vote for Sakurai
Popolo The 8th question, 4 members voted for Aiba san
Ninomiya Aiba san didn't dance, so he only had to run around
Aiba You're right, cause I can't remember the dance steps....
Sakurai So that's was the true reason (laugh)
Ninomiya When he dances wrongly for 1 time, he will run out for 200 met re
Matsumoto Then, when he runs too much. Sometimes he doesn't return to his mark when he is supposed to do so
Everybody laughed
Ninomiya At that time, when do you realize that you had made a mistake?
Aiba When I run, I am in my own world so I don't look around. But there was a time when I looked beside and saw the 4 of you gathering together. I thought "Ah what? they're now gathering. I have to rush there or else they will angry at me". But if I did so, then it meant I had made a mistake, right? (laugh) So I didn't rushed back. I stay where I was. If I rushed back then the audiences will realize that I made a mistake
Ninomiya What do you mean by that !?!?
Matsumoto Everybody knows when you make mistake. In the last concert, during the song "Kotoba yori Taitetsuna Mono", you didn't go back to us for the half song. We already agreed that we will all dance together during the music part...
Aiba When I start to run, I run with my full spirit so I just can't stop
Q9) During the concert, who easily got an accident a lot?
5 votes for Aiba
Popolo And for the 9th question, 5 votes for Aiba san for a member who can easily got an accident
Sakurai This guy, he doesn't stay where the spotlight shines on
Matsumoto That's frightening, you know!
Sakurai He dances in the dark spot and that's an impossible thing to do
Ninomiya Then after he went to the dark spot for like 3 times, he asked "Why the spotlight didn't come to me?" You should know after 3 times that you were at the spot where the light can't reach. That was a weird surprise to me
Everybody laughed
Sakurai That makes me think back to our first concert, this guy fell down in the hole. And from that time, the history of Aiba-san began (^-^)
Aiba Also last time, after changing cloth, I came out and fell off stage
Sakurai In our 2nd concert, I remember you tripped off and fell down because of the dim light too
Aiba Yeah, and I got a wound on my face that time
Sakurai You know what, for this guy, playing a concert is like wrestling (laugh) ha ha ha ha
Q10) After the concert, who seems exhausted the most?
4 votes for Ohno
1 vote for Matsumoto
Popolo For the 10th question, Ohno san got 4 votes for being the most exhausted member after the concert. And only Ohno san voted for Matsumoto san
Ohno Eh? Why you all voted for me?
Sakurai Cause you don't speak at all when we are in the car, going back to the hotel
Ninomiya And when we arrive to the hotel, we will watch the tape of the concert, but Ohno-kun seems dead already (-_-")
Matsumoto Sometimes you seem dead during the break between the 1st and 2nd round of the concert
Ohno Eh, really? But for me, that moment when we finish something nicely is the most happiness moment.(fu fu fu fu (^o^))
Sakurai Really? but your face looks like someone who is not happy at all anyway..... (laugh)
Ninomiya Then, I think there were times when you have so-so plain face with no feelings
Ohno That's not having no feeling face. That was the face of someone who feel the succeed of his job
Aiba Is it??
Sakurai That's surprising (laugh) If you don't tell other then I don't think they know
Matsumoto Is that so. So this summer, let's look at Ohno-kun in that way then (laugh)