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Harvard: Hot or horrendous?

Harvard sophomore Mark E. Zuckerberg created his own version of the "Hot-Or-Not" website for the Cambridge campus this week. Motivated by the "horrendous facebook pictures" of his fellow students, Zuckerberg told the Harvard Crimson he hacked into the online facebooks of various Harvard houses and created a website on which students could vote for the hotter of two randomly-chosen photos or rate how fellow house residents stood up against one another.

Inspiration for the website first hit Zuckerberg last Tuesday while browsing the Kirkland House online facebook. "I almost want to put some of these faces next to pictures of farm animals and have people vote on which is more attractive," Zuckerberg wrote in his journal.

The site lasted for only one weekend before outraged students forced Zuckerberg to shut it down on Sunday night. Zuckerberg said the link was originally meant for only a few friends, but students forwarded it so that before the site closed, 450 visitors had voted at least 22,000 times.

Keggy the Keg

Dartmouth, in its search for a new mascot, may have found the answer. Keggy the Keg, conceived by a Dartmouth humor magazine, made his debut at Dartmouth's homecoming football game against Columbia on Saturday.

Initially intended for a one-time appearance, there's a good chance, due to Keggy's positve reception (including a Keggy cheer and small children's requests for autographs) that Keggy will reappear.

Student response was overwhelmingly positive. "I still think students can enjoy it even if they are not heavy drinkers," James Baehr, a member of a student group devoted to presenting a positive image of Dartmouth, told the Dartmouth.

Elmo dies

The front-page story of the Tues., Nov.4 issue of the Brown Daily Herald covered the death of a tree. The old elm, of undetermined age, was fondly nicknamed 'Elmo.'

There are no plans yet fot the future of Elmo's wood or what will fill its location, though, according to the article, "most likely another plant will replace the tree."

—Compiled by Laura Young from the Harvard Crimson, the Brown Daily Herald, and the Dartmouth.    

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