December 18th - Air Cadet Building

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The event started with announcement of a special guest then out from the back came The Grinch. Not long after Santa Clause came out. Eventually Santa was singing the Canadian National Anthem.. then it went sour. Layne Fontaine rushed to the ring and called Santa's identity. Ace Davidson revealed himself, Fontaine stated he wanted the Flag match not later but right now!

Canada vs. USA Flag match - "Luscious" Layne Fontaine defeated Ace Davidson.

One Fall match - Machette Singh defeated The Wolf; Machette pinned Wolf for a 5 count.

TRW Tag Team Championship match - VainRage(C) defeated The Dead Ringers.

TRW Cruiserweight Championship match - Aaron Idol(C) vs. "The Young Lion" David Richards went to a Time Limit Draw + 5 extra minutes demanded from fans.

#1 Contendership for the TRW Heavyweight Championship, One Fall match - Sweet Daddy Devistation defeated Wrathchild by Count-Out.

TRW Heavyweight Championship match - "The Bomber" Nelson Creed deafeted "The Rocket" Randy Tyler(C) to win the TRW Heavyweight Championship.

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