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TOP 10 Weekly Software Sales (February 7 - February 13, 2005)
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Ranking Platform Title Genre Publisher Release Date MSRP
1 PS2 Dragon Ball Z 3 FTG Bandai 2005.02.10 \6,800
2 PSP Popolo Crois Monogatari: Pietro Ouji no Bouken RPG SCE 2005.02.10 \4,800
3 PS2 Shinsengumi Gunraw Den ACT Sega 2005.02.10 \6,800
4 PS2 Shin Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu RCE Spike 2005.02.10 \6,800
5 DS Yoshi Touch & Go ACT Nintendo 2005.01.27 \4,571
6 PS2 Radiata Stories RPG Square Enix 2005.01.27 \7,800
7 GBA Super Robot Battle: Original Generation 2 SLG Banpresto 2005.02.03 \5,800
8 PS2 Another Century's Episode ACT Banpresto 2005.01.27 \6,980
9 PS2 Gran Turismo 4 (incl. Limited Edition and Version with PS2) RCE SCE 2004.12.28 \32,000
10 GC Resident Evil 4 ADV Capcom 2005.01.27 \7,800

Total sales of the top 100 titles were 903,773 units. This is 134.07% of last week's total and 95.17% of the weekly average. "Dragon Ball Z 3," which sold about 427,000 units, was the major driving force behind the market, and it completely made up for the decline experienced by its predecessor (decreased by around 120,000 units). Because of the recent tendency of the spring selling season to begin earlier than before, an increasing number of big titles are being released in February.

"Dragon Ball Z 3" was off to a flying start, surpassing first-week sales of predecessor "Dragon Ball Z 2" (which were about 324,000 units) by over 100,000 units. Like "Dragon Ball Z 2," "Dragon Ball Z 3" will almost certainly become a half-million seller. It appears that more demand was concentrated on "Dragon Ball Z 3" than on "Dragon Ball Z 2," especially due to the lack of competing titles targeting younger people (when "Dragon Ball Z 2" was launched, "Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green" had been released the week before). Five new titles made the rankings, capturing 57.11% of the market. The actual number of new titles was low, but the market share accounted for by new titles was high because of the influence of "Dragon Ball Z 3."

PlayStation 2 31.22%
PSP 35.98%
GameCube 3.52%
Game Boy Advance 0.45%
Game Boy Advance SP 8.12%
Nintendo DS 20.51%
Xbox 0.20%
Total 100.00%

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