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No Risk! You pay on delivery only Tens of thousands of domain names become available every day. Without professional help, the average person has no chance to secure the most valuable domains. That's where we come in. With SnapNames' automated systems and partner relationships can gain access to expiring domain names that — until now — only top tier professionals have been able to acquire.
How does it work?
Simply place FREE "back-orders" with us for your ideal domain names.
  • No Risk: It costs nothing to place a back-order. You pay our low minimum acquisition fee of $60 only if we are able to deliver the domain name to you.
  • Preferred Access: As a SnapNames customer, you gain access to the most valuable domain names from the world's largest registrars — before they are available anywhere
  • Simple Auctions: If yours is the only order, the domain name will be fulfilled to you for the minimum acquisition fee. If more than one order has been received, a short auction will take place to determine fair market value.
  • Least Cost Bidding: Set the maximum amount you are willing to pay, and our system automatically bids for you, using the least amount necessary to maintain the high bid on a domain name
  • Automatic Notification: You will be notified by email automatically any time one of your back-orders is fulfilled, an auction begins, or if your maximum bid on a domain name is exceeded.
  • Fair Price Guarantee: Shill bidding, sniping and other common abuses are all prevented by our advanced auction platform.
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Why SnapNames?
Not only did SnapNames invent this patent-pending back-order process, but we have direct access to more valuable domain names than anyone. The best registrars, including the largest in the world, Network Solutions, work directly with us to give our customers the first opportunity to re-register expired domain names. We simply offer a level of service you won't find anywhere else.
17,799 domain names
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Preferred Partner
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