Greenland WTF.

For Mugen 14.04.01
Started the 08,01,2K5 - 1st beta release: 10,01,2K5
by CCIRocky aka Ironmugen aka David D.
The sprites are from various SNK games. Ripped by myself, Ironmugen.
All sounds and voices are also ripped by myself
special thanks to: Big Eli King, Shin ShadowH, Faye & Ruby, and @ndroide
No password O_o.


Current Progress: aprox. 99%

Last update of this page: 10/01/2005

Why not a classic version of Kim?

Gets kicked by "MIRAI" Kim
Yay! Double Dragon (sup llama behind)
Hou ou Kyaku
Hou ou tenbu kyaku
Hien zan -> Ten sou zan


DOWNLOAD KIM (10/01/05)